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Allow Flyer movement speed levelling


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Flyer speed reflects on dedication you have to playing.  It is one of the millions of drag-you-downs to slow your progress so you do not fill the server up with giant laggy buidings and pillars.  I agree I want to see something done to flyer speed but not this.  Not as things are currently with the lag on vanilla official multiplayer.

If WC could find a better balance for the server overloads.  Stop freeze framing us with server saves.  Put a restriction on number of constructions a day.  Penalize tribes so they have no advantage over single players.  Then yes plz let us level flying speed again.  

But as things are you will just lag crash on official anyway so no point in it.

On unofficial there are mods already for this if you really want it back so bad go play where you will not lag an official.

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