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Give Server Hosts More Customizable Capabilities


You guys have done a very decent job on allowing Server Owners to modify the .ini files within Ark, but there are still many options which can be added in to allow major changes within the game and how things are played. Since console doesn't have Mods, modifying the .ini files is our only way to make Servers different and more fun! Also, there's many "hidden" ini modifications, which aren't shown on https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration please add everything to this list so Server Hosts know everything they can currently modify, ie: AlwaysAllowStructurePickup

  • Allow Reverting the Flyer Nerf
  • Allow Custom Stacking / Item Weight
  • Allow Reaper Queens to spawn on other maps than Ab
  • Allow Cryosickness Timer Change
  • Allow limiting what a Dino wants to be imprinted with ie only cuddles
  • Allow a Specific Resource to Give off another ie Harvesting Stone returns Electronics
  • Allow Craft-ability changes ie Crafting Cryopods in your Inventory, not Replicator
  • Allow ORP Modifications ie Turret DMG Increase after a specific time (Current ORP is very bad and broken in many ways)

These are just a few of what I'd like to be able to customize more in-depth on my server to make it different than others, please take some of these into consideration! 

Thanks and have a great day!

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I created a different post, but I'll post mine here:


Administrative Functionality
  1. Admin Listing (Nitrado is working on this, but it requires some work from WC): the ability to assign people as admins, like on PDS, rather than giving them a password
  2. Enable player list functionality outside of spectator, with one-click teleportation to active players (Ctrl+n on PC while in spectator)
  3. Admin role management: tiered role system, similar to tribe roles, where the use of specific commands can be allowed or disallowed
  4. Server statistics tracking: players/dinos killed, dinos tamed/bred, resources harvested, and so on
    1. it would be nice to table and filter this, so perhaps adding this to a separate log file would be easier
      1. server logs are purged on shutdown, so this would need to persist in order to be of any value
  5. Map overlay displaying locations of player made structures
    1. within a specific radius
    2. displayed as color-coded pins
  6. TeleportPlayerToMe/TeleportPlayerToCoords
    1. Pretty self-explanatory, but it would be nice to, at a minimum, have the ability to teleport players to admins; you know, for when they get stuck in solid objects we can't get them out of manually
    2. The second option is sort of a selfish one for me, as I'd like to have the ability to teleport griefers on my server over lava. Yes, yes I am sadistic.
  7. Admin-only structures:
    1. Many of us who run custom servers build community structures, and those structures need to be accessible by our admin teams. In order to do this, since many if not most of us do not have all of our admins in the same tribe, we are required to force join the tribes owning these structures. This creates issues which have led to randomly spawning in to being forced into a tribe we never touched, owning a tribe we never touched, the inability to rejoin our own tribes, and so on. A simple solution is to be able to designate specific structures as being 'owned' by the server admins.
Cluster Functionality
  1. Toggle option for permitting the transfer of Element and Tribute items (there is no real point in having these transfers disabled on PvE clusters or custom servers)

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Love it!

There have been a few posts that I have read that could have their topics included by simply adding a few server setting options. Most of which are listed above, which is awesome. 

Another few that I have noticed, and wouldn't mind seeing added are;

  • Allow breeding for bugs; Mantis, Arthropleura, Pulmonoscorpius, Araneo, etc. ( as either an "allow all" or a check box for each)
  • Allow breeding for fantasy creatures; Wyvern, Rock Drake, Griffin, etc  ( as either an "allow all" or a check box for each)
  • Allow transfer of Element and Element shards between maps 
  • Allow transfer of Tributes between maps

And I know there are a probably a few more out there. 

Either way, I fully support the addition of some new server settings to allow unofficial server admins the ability to customize their servers further. I have one myself for xbox and the items above, along with those previously listed have all come up at one point or another. If we could use mods, we would go that way, but for consoles, having the options included are one of the few ways to have the options available to us.  

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Posted (edited)

I do agree with you. While maybe not directly what you are looking for, this may help.

  • Added [ServerSettings] ItemStackSizeMultiplier to allow increasing or decreasing item stack size
  • Added [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameMode] ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity to allow manually overriding item stack 

Everytime you release a baby dino from a crypod it will reset what it needs for imprint.

While you cannot change resources received by harvesting resources. you can change what a creature will drop in their inventory on death.

I believe you can make fliers faster by either increasing wild levels in speed or tamed affinity levels for speed. I cant remember which it is.

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+1. These are brilliant ideas, but all of it should be actual configurable server settings in the host menu rather than through INI files. It would diversify all servers more and help eliminate having to use mods, which are only limited to those who play on Steam. It wouldn't just improve the quality of life for Steam players, it would improve the QoL for ALL users.

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