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I feel like the Ark abuse ticket system is not very understanding when they are doing their investigative work. What I mean is that they freely hand out punishments without thoroughly investigating the situation more often than not. I have seen countless times where people that have 10k+ hours played in ark are being punished because others are manipulating screenshots, words, and presenting them as evidence to get a tribe griefed and/or punished by the Ark Enforcement team. I have witnessed countless people gloating in public chat of abusing the ticket system to enact punishment on others. The Ark enforcement team has gone from a regulations enforcer to a weapon for trolls to abuse on others.

My suggestion is that before punishments are handed out so readily, If we could take a moment to reach out to the party that was reported and hear their side of the problem and see if there is a solution that can resolve the issue that was brought up. Maybe it was a misunderstanding, maybe it is someone trying to abuse the abuse ticketing system, maybe its a simple misunderstanding like when the Code of Conduct is changed and no notifications alert anyone to the change and punishment is handed out like it was blatantly defied.

All I am suggesting is that the Ark Enforcement team have more compassion for its player base. Maybe rewrite the handbook for how Ark Enforcement handles abuse cases to have more contact with the person being accused before punishing them. Who knows, 10 minutes of conversation can save countless hours of lost work because we know you wont roll back a server for a single unjust punishment and restoring 500 dinos, land and structures is impossible.

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Intentionally filling the server tame limit via spamming tames (such as Dodo, Jerboa, or easy to ‘tame and maintain’ dinos) and/or rafts

several tribes have been wiped for owning jerboa and dodo.
most of these people did not break coc:
they have to do 2 thing in the line above, doing it intentionally and reach the tame limit.
if you breed dodo and jerboa for fun, you didnt intentionally fill the server tame cap. you simply had fun.
even if you do it intentionally, if you didnt manage to reach the tame cap of the server, you didnt break the coc.
i think they should but wildcard set up that rule. they use the word limit, and not the word amount. implying that you actually must reach the limit to break the coc.

by then wiping people without any communication before hand for simply HAVING 50 dodo or jerboa is absolute nonsense. you cant use different rules when wiping.

what wildcard did with the people owning 50 dodo is the same as banning people for looking at a cave wall, because wc will assume they will mesh in the next step.

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