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New dlc suggestion SKY RULERS


An aerial concentrated map with floating islands. 3 main islands each with one obelisk, numerous smaller islands hovering around above and below each other.

The idea is that each island needs to be discovered to get all tames and items, as each island has some unique of both.

Caves are present on the islands, artifact caves, as buildable caves.

Each main island has its own biome, the smaller ones are overall filled with resources.

The bottom of the map has a small water buffer, should you fall, you won't be killed instantly. However falling of your tame is tedious thus can be countered with a safety rope, attached to you flier.



Hot air stream that increases fly speed.

Thick mist zone where barely can see. 


Snow island (blue obelisk), jungle island (green obelisk), desert plains (red obelisk).


Giant flower forest:

The Hive:

Overgrown woods: 

Tall forest:

Cold plains:

Cliffside ruins:


Insect tunnels (land): 

Insect chasm (air): 




Stone flier, can harvest stone, and has certain weight reductions. Eats stone, immune to elemental attacks. Found in the cliffside ruins. Immune to goliath grab. Has a saddle.


Giant goliath spider:

Goliath, a giant bird eating spider. Excels in killing fliers like birds, pterosaurs, even managarms. Found in the overgrown woods , entered trough the insect tunnels. Goliaths also rest on the walls in the insect chasm, often seen with their front legs searching after prey while stil mounted on the wall, keep this in mind when you fly trough, if you get caught, it will end bad. Can inject enemies with a substance, if creature is killed within a certain time, substance turns into cementing paste. Can climb like megalania. Can grab fliers. Has a saddle.


Consider this an (large) apex ground creature.

Bola spider and crab spider:

Found in the insect tunnels, overgrown woods and giant flower forest. (Non tameable)

Jumping spider and orb weaver: 

Tameable, jumps form island to island. Orb weaver catches flies.

Giant beetle:

Rideable beetle, can fly and grab creatures/people.


Drawn by @benjamin.b.nichols


Fast flier, saddle, very mobile as it can fly in all directions. Cant move when landed, so watch out for goliaths when out of stamina.


Drawn by @benjamin.b.nichols

Small fliers:

Could be ptero's, or modern day.


Small creatures roaming the islands, more agressive at night. Can be tamed and if you own a hive, can house it. ( Could be same model as nameless)

Minion king:

Resides in a minion hive, needs trophies to tame, boosts minions, only 1 king can house a hive.

Flying lizard/sugar glider:

Early game rideable flier/glider, weak, low weight, nothing more then a quick way of getting around. 

Other larger pterosaurs: 

Like hatzeg, shoulder mounts(fly ability)...


Taming cage: 

Cage that can be attached underneath the islands rocks, with anchors. The amount of anchors depends on the cage. (Small/medium/large)

Support air balloon: 

Balloon you can attach to a ceiling to extend its support by 4m, max (?) balloons in proximity. A tek version can be attached under cealing to support 10m, needs to be tek powered.

Tek dome:

Much like the tek forcefield, but needs to be placed on foundations and can snap on fence foundations (to make nice/practical buildings).

Circular shape with a 8-12 foundation diameter. Doesn't require element to stay up, however expensive to craft.


Primitive early game, low armor/health, shoots arrows, works on coal/gas?

Tek plane:

battle,cargo,..., endgame plane, shoots lasers, high weight/health, bp crafted? Works on gas/element/shards? Speed can be altered but at extra fuel cost.

Cable cars:

Travel between islands/base.

Safety net/bridge:

seals gaps, can be combined into a rope bridge, early version of tek bridge.

Minion hive:

Hive that shoots arrows when minions are housed. 2 minions and 1 king can house a hive. Damage stacks with melee damage of all residents combined.


Fluid Bag: 

Stores nectar, flowers and honey. Increases spoil timer.

Safety rope:

Rope you put in your tamed flier's inventory. Prevents falling of by mistakenly pressing the dismount button, if pressed within 2-3 seconds after dismount. Rope breaks after 3 uses.

Primitive grapling hook:

early version of the grapling hook, fiber crafted but has a chance to break upon use.

Adrenalin syrum:

fliers temporary gain speed, map EXCLUSIVE item means NO transfer.

Other stuff:

Nectar, frog legs,...



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17 hours ago, Kaprosuchus said:

I am heartened to see the community get together to try and make this a reality on their own.  We always need more user generated content.  That being said I don't think a DLC that moves the focus MORE onto flyers would be right for my community as flyers are already heavily overused even post flyer nerf.

Yeah this dlc is suposed to take aerial combat to the next level (tek planes, new fliers,...). BUT there are alternatives to ground the fight, like goliaths, bolas, etc... in the no fly caves, overgrown forest it comes to brute force on ground to, also some new defenses like tek dome protect you from aerial attackers. 😄 

But thanks for feedback 👍☺️

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On 4/26/2019 at 10:57 AM, Silvaeger said:

this map is awesome for vertebrate flyers but it is also a great opportunity for spiders, praying mantises, butterflies and moths, beetles, snakes, and many other things I will provide ideas for all

1. SPIDERS: you already have a goliath bird eater based spider but what about some form of rideable jumping spider that can jump from island to island and leave behind a temporary silk dragline (maybe lasts about 12 to 24 hours) that it can walk across and a bolas spider it would be untamable active at night hangs from the bottom of islands secreting moth pheromones that attract moths wild and tamed, crab spider spawns on the giant flowers on giant flower forest islands can go invisible and waits for butterflies, bees or anything else to land on the flower, giant golden orb weaver tameable and rideable to make a web ride it set three support strings and then leave it be the frame of the web and it will finish it on its own once done the web will produce flies (JUMPING AND GOLDEN SPIDERS KO TAMES) (BOLAS AND CRAB SPIDERS UNTAMABLE)(ALL ARE AGGRESSIVE)

2. MANTIS: a new rideable mantis the males would have a smaller abdomen than females and could fly for a short amount of time and jump like a crab while females would have a bigger abdomen they cannot fly but can jump like a crab and can shoot a hardening foam that traps anything in it temporarily. Tamed with flies gather from the webs of golden orb weaver spiders (PASSIVE TAME)(AGGRESSIVE IF YOU GET TO CLOSE OR ATTACK IT)

3. BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS: giant rideable butterflies they spawn on giant flower forest islands they are passive tames tamed with nectar that you collect from the top of the flowers, moths are only active at night spawns at flower forest islands and redwood forest islands in the day it lands on the side of giant flowers and redwood trees is only tameable at night it is a passive tame is tamed with nectar and once tamed at night it has a fearful aura that scares nearby creatures and is attracted the bolas spiders when near them (PASSIVE TAMES)(THEY ARE PASSIVE)

4. BEETLES: the stag beetle is tameable and rideable can grab creatures in its jaws can climb slowly on walls and can fly (NEUTRAL), tiger beetle is tameable and rideable it is a fast and fearsome predator good at getting hide (AGGRESSIVE)(BOLA ABLE)(BOTH KO TAMES)

5. SNAKE: the flying snake can curl up jump then flatten out and glide mid game tame rideable eats frog legs (AGGRESSIVE)(KO TAME)

6. FROGS: the red-eyed tree frog a bit bigger than a dilo not tameable when killed it drops 2 frog legs (UNTAMEABLE), gliding tree frog a bit bigger than the beezelbufo tameable and rideable tamed with meat but flies are it's favorite it can jump, climb and glide (KO TAME)(BOTH ARE PASSIVE)

7. HUMMINGBIRD: they are fast and can fly in all directions cannot move while landed tamed with nectar spawns in giant flower forest eats only nectar after tame (NEUTRAL)(KO TAME)

8. TARZIER: fast jumping carnivorous primates shoulder pet (KO tame)

9. BUMBLE BEE: tamed with nectar once rideable tamed it makes bee bread that heals players and tames the eat it (NEUTRAL)(PASSIVE TAME)

10. YELLOW JACKET: giant aggressive untameable wasps that attack anything in sight spawns on the hive island (AGGRESSIVE)(UNTAMEABLE)

BOSS: The Swarm a huge swarm of wasps with their queen in the middle

BIOMES: Giant Flower Forest Islands butterflies, moth, and hummingbird spawn there and Hive Island is filled with caves, loot, and wasps


(All suggested creatures and their abilities are based on real things I suggest if you don't know about one look it up)

I did a mock up of the hummingbird and the beetle because it was so interesting, I hope you like it!


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2 hours ago, MoFlash said:

I would love to hop on board and see what I can contribute! Is the one post above the right one for me to go?

Sounds great! That one probably expired use this one:https://discord.gg/5pQSH8

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On 3/12/2020 at 11:18 AM, boble said:

i was kinda thinking instead of a pure water area how there is a whole island under the floating area for people who don't want to worry about falling for starters with the basic stuff on it  and the middle of it has a geyser area so people can move up to the floating islands and for added effect maybe the islands can be hidden by clouds


There would be geysers in some areas to help you get back on the islands, and a location named the "Mist Zone" would be on the map.

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56 minutes ago, jamescoolcrafter15 said:

There would be geysers in some areas to help you get back on the islands, and a location named the "Mist Zone" would be on the map.

with the release of genesis they added a mechanic in the lunar, when you fall off you are teleported back up. we can do the same thing.

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On 3/18/2020 at 6:44 PM, Kodking194 said:

with the release of genesis they added a mechanic in the lunar, when you fall off you are teleported back up. we can do the same thing.

I think there should still be a punishment for falling off the islands, it just would not be that severe. The water buffer would be present to help new players who fall off still have a chance, but it would still be incredibly difficult to get back on top of the islands, which would be very high in the air.  If it teleported you back up,  items for the map like the Safety Net and Safety Rope would be useless. 

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On 3/7/2020 at 3:19 AM, EternalUniverse said:

When you make a Thread and let's say after 2 days you got a new idea but want it in the same Thread (no DLC idea but more like objects, structures, items and so on) when you save your edit, does it get back on first page or does it get lost in the hundreds of pages for no one to see?

If not, how do you make it go back to first page so people can keep up with the progress?

He's saying that you can brainstorm ideas for the map on its thread, but don't talk about other maps. For example, we can continue to brainstorm ideas for Sky Rulers on here but not for other maps (e.g. Oceania, Frozen Earth).

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