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Separate PvE and PvP balances



There should be a way to separate the balances made to dinosaurs and game mechanics between PvE and PvP.

Multiple balances have made PvE nothing but hard. Managarmr being a recent example, in PvE they're useless now thanks to the many balances made to make PvP better.

Flier nerf was a huge change in PvE making fliers and transportation harder by forcing us to land since PvP was taking to the skies too often and the game tried to "ground" the fight

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2 minutes ago, divisd1 said:

It would not be easy at all. Have you ever looked at the dev kit to see how stuff actually works? Easy to give suggestions and say they are easy to implement if you haven't the slightest idea of how any of it actually works.

There is already a. Giant server file setting as far as in aware with every Dino and every stat base value and gain per wild and gain per tamed level and affinity and imprint bonus.

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On 8/9/2019 at 8:41 AM, Aushegun said:

Stats seem to indicate that the majority of players are PvE .... so maybe they should focus on making sure the game favors those players instead. ?


On 8/9/2019 at 11:01 AM, Joebl0w13 said:

Ced acknowledged that most people play PvE.

I question how accurate those stats and statements are from Ced. Considering most players play Unofficial how could they possibly know. I think Ced's statements were that more players play PvE on official network vs the much larger unofficial network.

In addition battlemetrics data delve suggests that it is very close to 50% to 50%

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I didn't read the whole thread, so i dunno if its been suggested, but for us who play SP, why not give us an option to turn off nerfs for EVERYTHING? I mean, if i wanna go around one shotting everything with a Giga, or traveling the across the map in 30 seconds with a Wyvern or Mana, that should be for me to decide, since im only playing by myself. 

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Always someone complaining about PvP on every forum... 

OP, I find that making suggestions works better than complaining. Do you have any reasonable suggestions as to how this can be resolved? Because it sure as hell takes more than just fiddling with a couple of numbers, especially if the game is to be semi-consistent.

Unfortunately citing things like the flier nerf are only going to hurt your case. You know as much as everyone that was a generally needed balance pass, not that nasty PvP harming your PvE gameplay. Much like the original nerf to tame stats, sometimes people forget that the devs simply have the desire (and right) for the game to hold challenge or be engaging. If you want Quetzals that cross the island in 0.5 seconds and one-shots gigas, go develop a mod for it, but it's not the game the devs want...PvE or PvP

I suspect that motivation for challenge is a large part of what you are clashing heads with, not that nasty PvP

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27 minutes ago, AleXtreme1 said:

Oieru is right!!! At first , extinction creatures were the best in the game (managarmr ,velonosaur , gacha , etc) . After several updates the abilities of those creatures were reduced at half or eaven lower. When managarmr appeared on ark for the very beginning i killed a giga from high range with no problem. Now , i have to move close to a dino just to freeze it a little. Same thing with gacha : when extinction map was released , a gacha fed with proper food dropped crystals with mastercraft or ascendant items very easy. Now , i have to open a lot of crystals to get maximum a mastercraft item at it's lowest quality. I think no-one cares on PvE if you kill a wild dino with a primitive pick or an ascendant rifle. 20190304174504_1.thumb.jpg.f39609ebca95b2e207436790cc6d7a72.jpg 

In pve they should just enable creative mode and God mode. People should not even have to farm just spawn in creatures and bases. And instant kill anything by right clicking on it. It's pve balance don't matter.

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