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Tapejara Wyvern Egg method tips

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The techniques I've seen people use is to fly low, use the terrain and distract them with wild tames. I play PvE so a guy on my tribes Rag server used a small gap in our B gate at the volcano cave to hide in on his ptera until the wyverns deaggroed, which we were fine with because he called it out to us that he was doing it.

Not sure how it works on PvP but if you're PvE then to be honest man you'd probably have an easier time of it if you just grinded out some metal and bought a decent level wyvern from people on your server. I know that's easier said than done if you're just starting out or not fully established but I mean no matter how good a tapa you have a couple of good shots and it's game over. Even if it's not imprinted to you a wyv with stamina pumped into it can easily outrun the gaggle that chases you when you grab an egg. Just watch out for poison wyverns if you don't have a gas mask or scuba on lol

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