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Are people allowed to build and lock over charge terminals as i have seen ? :(

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9 hours ago, flamron said:

Good luck reporting and getting action. We’ve had a city terminal and charge station boxed in since both maps released and nothing has ever been done about it. Enforcement team is as helpful as Boobs on a boar...

Each time I reported someone who was blocking a charge node, the admins destroyed the structures.

On my server, at the beginning, almost each charge node was completely blocked. I started to chase people, telling them it was against the code of conduct. A lot of them accepted to destroy their buildings, or to unlock the doors so we can have access to the charge node. For the other people who were thinking that admins would do nothing to them, they learned the hard way that it's not a good thing to go against the code of conduct.

After several reports, 100% of the charge nodes on the server 220 are free for all, and there is a pillar at each charge node to prevent idiots to start again.

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