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pvp Better settings than most - Turtwig Gang - Ragnarok, Island, Extinction Cluster

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Come join our server!

Currently we have 6 active users and we are looking for more!

Discord: https://discord.gg/pp7Q5qE

20 slots on all 3 maps, cross ark enabled.

Server Owner Gamer Tag: XAlphaWolf21, RileyJBolen
Our Discord Channel: discord.gg/9B7njPX
PVP The Island Server: [US] Turtwig Gang - The Island - Boosted - Custom Drops
PVP Extinction Server: [US] Turtwig Gang - Extinction - Boosted - Custom Drops
PVP Ragnarok Server: [US] Turtwig Gang - Ragnarok - Boosted - Custom Drops
Crossplay: Enabled

General Server Information:

XP Multiplier = 2.5
Item Stack Multiplier = Berries x 500, Chitin/Keratin x 1,000 , Meat / Fish Cooked / Raw x100, Prime Meat / Prime Fish Meat Cooked / Raw x 20, Fiber x 500, Hide x 1,000 , Electronics x 500, Organic Polymer x 500, Silica Pearls x 500
Player Water/Food Drain Multiplier = .5
Taming Multiplier = 10
Harvest Multiplier = 7
Crop Growth Multiplier = 5
Flyer Carrying of Wild Dinos = Enabled

Mating Interval Multiplier = .05
Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier = 50
Baby Maturation Multiplier = 25

Max Dino Level = 225
Max Player Level = 120 Before ascension, 150 after ascension levels

Boosted Player Stats (Health x2.5, Stamina x2.5, Oxygen x1, Food x5, Water x5, Weight x5, Melee x4, Speed x3, Fortitude x5, Crafting x5)
Boosted Dino Stats (Oxygen x3, Weight x2.5)

Longer Days/Shorter Nights
Custom Beacons, Loot Crates, and Alpha Loot (Loot drops with rings have better gear, red rings include chance to pick up Tek gear / items)

To join our cluster on Ark select unofficial Pc Sessions and search "Turtwig Gang"

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