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How can I find lost dinos?


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So my cousin and I decided to move to a new base location and in order to do so we had to pass the swamp. We already knew that some of our dinos would die during the journey, but what we didn't know is that we would loose many of them. We lost the following dinos: 

Brunhilde (Phiomia)

Kevin (Argentavis)

Omnibus (Diplodocus)

Salmonella (Dodo)

Ingrid (Stegosaurus)

Gerda (Ichthyosaurus)

Justin (Casteroides)

Stendarda (Lystrosaurus)

Karoline (Pulmonoscorpius)

Karl (Pulmonoscorpius)

Prinz (Beelzebufo)

Don't bother the weird names, we just had fun naming our dinos? Anyways, we lost all of these dinos in the swamp. We looked for them everywhere but there were no green nametags anywhere. And I just can't understand how we could loose a Diplodocus in the swamp. We just know that everyone of these dinos is still alive. Is there any way to find lost dinos? I know we could fly around and whistle "follow all", but it's pretty annoying to do that on PS4. So as I said, could you suggest us a way to find them again? That would be really helpful! Thanks!

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Not easily unless you have a Tek Helmet and some element (given you know the engram for the Tek Helmet) you could use its radar function to find them since they would appear green in the radar pings while everything would be gray or red.


For future reference there are tracking items you can put on your dinosaurs as to not lose them in an event like that. You craft a Transponder and some Transponder Nodes, put the node on your dino by pressing L2 with the Transponder equipped and you can ping them with R2 which will show their name and distance as long as you are looking in the direction they are.

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