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video New YouTube Ark Community...?

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Hello all!

I'm just wondering if there is any Ark YouTube Communities out there that would be willing to accept a brand new content creator like myself, not looking for anyone to do the work for me, just a group of people who are willing to give me pointers on what I should change, etc. Or if anyone knows where I can find one that would be greatly appreciated. 


But if there aren't any like that out there, I'd like to start one! I'd like to get a group of people who are committed to creating better content each time and will strive for greatness, while also having fun (because remember it is still a game). Like I said I'm brand new to this and literally have just uploaded my first video, but I've been recording and studying a lot about how this all works. So all in all, I'm just looking for a group of people who are willing to work and grow together and create something special. Because personally I just truly love this game, and I want to make other people feel the same joy I have for it and how it came into my life when I needed it. 

So if anyone knows any information, or is interested in putting in this work, pleaseeeeeeee let me know! 




Also I'll leave my channel, in case you're not interested you can pop over and check out my solid one video so far. Lol. (There's definitely more to come) and I'm not asking or begging you to like, or subscribe... Unless you want. But if you could just give me some feedback that would also be great. It's my first video and I'm just really learning how to edit, what to edit and all of that so any type of pointers would be fantastic!


Check out my YouTube channel and tell me how to get better!😄 



Look forward to hearing from everyone!




Always remember, the Marathon continues!

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