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I have set up a server for myself and 1 or 2 friends to get to grips with the game, and would just like to give others the chance to join.

The server is a PC hosted server with nitrado.
The player limit is currently 10. This could change in the future depending on popularity.

Server Name: WinterHasCome
Server Password: N/A

Some information about the settings:
- Maximum Dino level is set to 150, and goes up in increments of 5.
- Taming speed is at 20x, so it is not instant but is minutes rather than hours.
- Breeding speed is set to 20x, so again it takes minutes rather than hours.
- XP rate is at 3x
- Harvesting is set to 5x.
- Player weight is set to 50x.
- The server is day 99% of the time, as most players do not enjoy night.
- Player hunger/thirst is basically non-existant.

Rules for server:
- Tribes are available, but due to only being a 10player server it is preferable that tribes are kept to a max of 2 players if any, but this is not set in stone.
- PVP is welcome, but as I say the skill level is not overly great. Currently Offline raiding is not turned off.
- Myself and my friend both work 9-5 so mostly evenings and weekends that we play.
- No starter packs are given, I do not want to be using any admin commands except in case of emergency e.g someone glitches in game.

So if this sounds like a server for you, feel free to join and chill out.

If you want any more information about the server that I haven't covered here, let me know.


I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.


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