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Need Help With DC Problem When Painting On Xbox PC Windows 10

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OK, here's the issue. Whenever I try to paint a custom painting on the Window's 10 Xbox edition, no matter if it's simple or complex, whether it be on a canvas, flag, billboard, etc., it starts to paint and it is very slow during the painting process, then it ALWAYS DC's me back to menu. When I try to join back in immediately, I get a message saying that I'm already logged in. I either have to wait 5-15 minuets to join back in, or restart the game. When I get back in, the custom painting is partially done, usually only one color when down. Now, before anyone says it's my PC, it's not. I also have Ark PC Steam edition and have done it plenty of times successfully with absolutely  no issues on that version. I've tried lowering my settings to the absolute lowest quality, and still no luck. In fact, there's no difference what so ever, I can have it at the highest settings, and it still DC's me just as it would on low settings. I'm pretty sure its not the server either because I'm currently on a server that is Primitive+ with no turrets or Plant X allowed, and I tried on and other server before this one that had a massive base with max 300 tame limit and well over a combination of 10,000 turrets and Plant X, and still would DC me in the same exact way. Both servers are unofficial. If any one has this same issue or knows how to fix this issue, please let me know. Thanks.

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