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Karkinos Saves Lives :) Reaper Went Invisible

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I had an incident where in my Baby Reaper disappeared after leaving it to reach juvenile stage inside a 4x4 metal structure. What happen was I logged back in to check the Baby Reaper, and noticed it wasn't inside its enclosure, What i did first is look around the base, went out since it might have got out of its enclosure, and out of curiosity since I remember which part the baby was last seen inside, what I did first is use a Karkinos to see if it can grab it out of the glitch, cause i remember it was just staying put to a certain metal wall, after using the karkinos it didnt work, then after demolishing that certain wall and used the karkinos again, it grabbed the Reaper out :) ( It was Invisible so you gotta know where to grab ) and the good thing is it wasn't big enough yet, where in the Karkinos can't carry it anymore :). I hope this tip helps a few individuals who also have encountered the same problem as I'am :)

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