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Mysterious Mysteries: GIGAntic Expectations!

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1 hour ago, Perrin Aybara said:

Dev's stated (After PC player outrage that we just got a dopey Parasaur saddle skin and xbone got the rex skin) that the rex skin was kind of a "preview" for something that would be available to all platforms.

I think that with Tech Tier we'll be able to craft bionic Dino's. This is a hint that it's coming and the "not the only thing" teaser means there are probably more species of bionic dino's that will be craftable.

Just my two cents.

Inspired!  I hope that's the case.

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Not the only thing huh? Hope the other(s) include the spino!

Doesn't the dark space look like the S.O.T.F logo was cut out of it... Or to be more specific it looks LIKE A LOGO of some sort as its a mirror image left and right except for the two points in the mi

Yes! That looks awesome! I hope it's on PC. And I look forward to what else is coming too, bionic Dodos please. 

8 hours ago, Slipjay said:

I can understand your point. However, the main story of the game hasn't been implemented yet. And the arm implants and floating beacons sort of imply a virtual/high tech world. Like The Island might be a big ol' holodeck. So we can't really rule anything out based on when/where the story takes place since we don't really know yet. 

Aliens. Has to be an alien experiment. They're either cataloging earth because it's been destroyed or we're lab rats. I personally think it's a Noah's ark kinda thing.

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10 hours ago, FaneBlackwing said:

The PC has more exclusivity than the Xbox does, so this is only being selfish. I'd like both versions to have the Rex Skin, so in turn, I want both versions to have the Giga Skin.

It's likely both will receive it, as Jat never mentioned a specific ARK. He only said. "Coming soon to an ARK near you."

Not really, PC got the parasaur saddle skin which is a joke compared to the rex skin. Xbox got a way better deal than PC did.

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21 hours ago, Pabs said:

I have to reiterate. The more I look at the outline, the more i'm convinced that it's the announcement for SotF on xbone. The real question is... WHEN?!?! :) I mean it's pretty obvious the A is there, with guns around it? Those look like bayonets, and the bottom part of the outline looks like a plaque for the title.



I was thinking of an Ark logo, just couldn't figure out which one it was

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3 hours ago, Mobley2000 said:

That is sick! The giga looks 10 times more intimidating than it already is! Lol I'm curious about what the unlock requirements are. Can't wait! Hopefully Xbox will get dino/player painting soon! 

I don't think us Xbox players will be getting the painting anytime soon. Its a matter of the system not being able to handle the rendering right now, maybe with some optimizations and some more work on allocating memory they could pull it off, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Not that it wouldn't be sick to paint my own designs on stuff, its just limited console vs unlimited PC. 

I really hope there is more to these tech skins than them just being skins.

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