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Well Hello There

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Another of the flock of peeps working towards trading access, so I figured a good start would be introducing myself here, now that I've found there is an area for that.

So! I'm a solo Breeder on Official servers, mostly stationed in Ragnarok, nestled down in the swamp castle. 

I play on Xbox, and as I'm working on starting back up again after a break from ark, don't have a giant ton of things, but I've got myself a good bunch of colorful and powerful bred Dinos. I dabble in breeding all kinda of Dinos, but currently my best are leaning towards mammals at the moment, particularly Procoptodon, because GOD it's so fun to just run around and launch yourself across cliff divides and danger on a giant freaking kangaroo. 

In general, my favorite tame in ark tends to be the goofy little Hyaenodon, their little meat cargo bags are too cute.

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