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pvp TridentIsles 4/01/19 [7 maps] clsfly/S+/Stacks/OGS/CKFR

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This is a 7 map cluster with TheIsland, TheCenter, Ragnorok, Extinction, Scorched Earth,  Abberration and Valguero

rates are 6x taming, 8x harvesting (with 3x resource health) 1x base xp (1.5x for crafting and harvesting with 2x kills and 4x special events) harvesting damage for tames 10x.

admin is active and you can feel free to voice your comments and suggestions on discord (link provided below).

mods installed are S+, classic flyer, HG stack mod, awesome spyglass,  offline gaurd system, level equalizer, breedable creatures bundle and CKF remastered. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=751433651

only attribute changes are increased weight tames (4x wild and 3x tamed) and weight + crafting skill for players (2x weight 10x crafting skill).

cross server chat 

it is your tribes responsibility to make sure you have the offline guard system up and activated, admins will not intervene due to your laziness or inability to ask how things work.

auto engram unlock-er (learns as you lvl up).

for any concerns or questions here is a link to our discord channel: https://discord.gg/9hMU9MY.

links to each server are posted in discord.

arkservers.net  https://arkservers.net/1/name/asc/?term=tridentisle.

server hardware is personnaly owned by main admin and connected via gigabit internet connection hosted from west coast USA. there are currently 2 admins (main admin typically online in the evening PST second admin is usually available around same time but in AUS time zones,  yes we have admins on both sides of the planet and have zero lag/ping issues. the two of us have no problem with helping to trouble shoot certain things preventing players from connecting to the cluster but don't get butt hurt if we end up telling you its your hardware and not ours (which is the case 90% of the time) server machine and internet connection are total overkill for what we are doing with it.

donation link will be setup soon in discord to ensure cluster stays alive as long as players are actively engaged in the community.

happy arking and hope to see y'all there


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-Fun server/cluster.

-Lots of choice between maps makes for a great "home server".

-Rates aren't too crazy but also not too slow resulting in a great balance.

-The growing fun discord community makes for a friendly PVP experience without the drama.

-Admin is VERY active and is open to discussion and segestions to make the cluster a better place to play.

All and all, If you are looking for a fun community/cluster I'd say give it a try and bring your friends!

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Balance here is the best. You can have a real life and an ARK life and still raise Gigas!

Mods makes progression steady and tedious tasks easier.

Maps are filled with great people who know the game. 

Having this many Map options is great too. Plenty to explore and you never feel you're missing (fill in that dino here) because it isn't on your map. 

There are girls here. Does that make you want to play on our server? 

Admin takes pride in his server and it shows. 

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