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Quetzal Purpose & Leveling - Thoughts or Advice?

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18 minutes ago, Nuggie said:

... I thought you couldn't increase flyer speed? Wasn't that nerfed? Does it not apply to quetzals? Should it?

His games modded out the wang.  Classic flyer being one of them.


3 hours ago, DeHammer said:

I'm also thinking of leveling another one strictly for speed. I already have one Tek Quetzal with 352% speed, and its nearing wyvern speed. But its lower level and near its cap for leveling. One of the offspring of this mating pair leveled for strictly for speed could be insanely fast. 

You do realise the quetzal wont gain any speed from breeding.  Only the imprinting.  So it can be roughly 20% faster then your 352% bird if you put the same amount of levels into speed.  Your looking at 422% speed with the same amount of points, so almost all points.

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