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Lost items in inventory during transfer

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Hi wild card TheGekkoman85 here thismorning during your minor update something happened on offical servers were people that were in the process of jumping server came out the other sides with nothing in there inventory. This occered around 5.30 am EAST or 10+ GMT

I got the message that servers will be doing rolling reastarts and waited till it ended. At the time i was trying to jump from 1065 to my OC 637 server with my 2 cryo gigas in my hot bar as well as a good shot gun and pike, i jumped ok to 637 but was like in the blue holding or loading screen there all items were at that point in my inventory i just had all blue stuff in my base as it had not loaded in. At this point 637 went down i could not access it in manue nor could i join it i assumed it was your update so waited when i got back in i was there but nothing was in my inventory not even the haz id been wearing at the time of loading in. When i got in i could not transfer my character to any other map not even 1065 were id had just come from. No gear or timers should have been there as it was first time i jumped back on arfter the night. Other people were on at the time on both 1065 and 637 seid thay lost inventory items as well. Wild card i am intrested to know if anything can be done as 3 weeks work had been lost in a matter of seconds. I ended up looseing 2 gigas father high imprint levels. 1 395m 96% imp giga and a 385m 94% imp giga imprinted to TheGekkoman85 were lost along with the 124 armmor saddles thay had on them is there any way of retreving them back!


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