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pve JtA Cluster: Custom Spawns and Drops, Boosted. Five Servers. NEW Genesis 2 Added


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Journey to Ark Cluster
(Aberration/extinction spawns on Ragnarok, custom drops on all maps, x10 item stacking, boosted stats, 1.5-2.5x harvest/exp/taming, 300 dino level cap, 150-200 player level cap and more. Details below)


We are currently looking for more players for our cluster of PVE servers. Our current active maps consist of Ragnarok, Genesis, Genesis 2, Crystal Isles, and Extinction. Our inactive maps include Valguero, Island, Scorched Earth and Aberration (these ones are cycled through on our rotating servers as people need/want).

Genesis 2 is a fresh map with item/dino downloads disabled for the time being so that old players in the cluster will be on the same footing as new players just joining up.

Our servers are currently lightly populated with only a small number of players across the entire cluster so we have plenty of room for new players to set up shop,

Discord participation is optional but strongly encouraged for keeping on top of the latest news and event information as well as connecting with other players.

Server Owner Gamer Tag: Raghild
Our Discord Channel: discord.gg/9B7njPX

PVE Ragnarok Server: [US] JtA: Journey Into Ragnarok
PVE Genesis Server: [US] JtA: Journey Beyond the Arks
PVE Crystal Isles: [EU] JtA: Journey to the Crystal Isles 

PVE Genesis 2 Server: [EU] JtA: Journey Through Space / PVE Valguero Server: [EU] JtA: Journey Across Valguero
PVE Extinction Server: [EU] JtA: Journey to the Center of Earth / PVE Island Server: [EU] JtA: To the Center of the Island / PVE Aberration Server: [EU] JtA: Journey Beneath Aberration / PVE Scorched Earth Server: [EU] JtA: Journey Through the Wastelands

Password: Explorer
Crossplay: Enabled

Any servers within our cluster will be prefixed with JtA, and all servers utilize the same password. The password is simply to ensure that anyone joining the servers has come through here and hopefully seen/read the server rules down below.

If the servers aren't showing up for you, make sure that you have the box checked to show password protected servers.


General Server Information:

XP Multiplier = 1.5 to 2.5*
Taming Multiplier = 1.5 to 2.5*
Harvest Multiplier = 1.5 to 2.5*
** These settings are equivalent the the old x3 and x5 before the base rates got adjusted **

Item Stack Multiplier = 10
Player Water/Food Drain Multiplier = .25
Spoiling Time Multiplier = 2
Crop Growth Multiplier = 2
Crop Decay Speed Multiplier = 3
Flyer Carrying of Wild Dinos = Enabled

Mating Interval Multiplier = .0135
Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier = 20
Baby Maturation Multiplier = 15

Max Dino Level = 300
Max Player Level = 150 without ascension levels, 200 with ascension levels

Auto-learn Engrams

Boosted Player Stats (Health x5, Stamina x2, Oxygen x5, Food x5, Water x5, Weight x5, Melee x2, Speed x3, Fortitude x5, Crafting x10)
Boosted Dino Stats (Health x.3, Stamina x2, Weight x2, Melee x.2, Speed x2)
Boosted Flyer Speed (This is done via a percentage increase to the taming bonus meaning Pteranadons and Griffins will have a noticeable increase while slow flyers like quetzels will only have a small increase. Flyers that don't have a taming bonus to movement speed aren't effected at all, such as the argentavis, wyverns, and snow owls. Our goal was to hopefully make some underappreciated flyers more useful, while not over-powering flyers that already have a bunch of utilities that make them popular. This also effects land creatures that have a taming bonus to movement speed.)

Longer Days/Shorter Nights (Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes of day to 10 minutes of night)
Custom Beacons, Loot Crates, and Alpha Loot
Element from red drops, red loot crates, and alphas.
Most single stack items stack-able (Prime Meat, Honey, Wyvern Milk, etc)

Custom Spawns = Aberration and Extinction spawns on Ragnarok. Ichthyornis do not spawn on ANY map. They are all dead. Purged. Extinct. Gone. FOREVER AND EVER. 

Structure Decay Multiplier = 3 (12 days thatch, 24 days wood, 36 days stone, 48 days metal, 105 days tek)
Dino Decay Multiplier =  6 (48 days)

If anyone has a planned extended vacation that might cause them problems with these decay rates, then just let the server admin know ahead of time. These settings are in place to keep our servers clean for new players when old players leave. They are not in place to punish people for having a reason for not being able to log on to reset their decay timers.


General Server Rules:

Our rules are pretty simple and straight forward. If you can't find something specific under the rules, either ask the server admin or see rule 1.

  1. Always be respectful and considerate of other players on the server. 
  2. Help keep the server uncluttered for other players. Destroy temporary structures/starter bases when no longer in use, don't spam pillars/foundations to prevent other people from building in an area or to prevent resources from spawning, and only build what you will actually use. Having individual personal bases by individual members of a tribe is fine, or having both a land base and a water base is fine, or having bases on multiple maps is fine, but we don't want to see a single person tribe building numerous empty bases sprawled across a single map just to have all the best building spots. Just be considerate, and keep your locations active. Also try to keep excess dinos cryopodded when possible. You typically don't need hundreds of dinos out at once at a single location all the time and this frequently causes peoples games to crash when they fly overhead so be considerate.
  3. Don't block access to artifacts. If you choose to build a base in or near an artifact cave, the artifacts must be accessible to other players.
  4. When looting beaver dams, remember that they don't spawn new materials unless the dam is completely destroyed. This is done by emptying EVERYTHING out of its inventory. If the wood is too heavy to take with you, just dump it on the ground so fresh dams will spawn for the next person. Your fellow players will greatly appreciate this.
  5. Any instances of trolling, abuse, or harassment will result in banishment. This includes bullying or pressuring other tribes into tribe wars if they aren't interested.
  6. No causing intentional damage to another player's character, tames, or bases. This includes dragging unconscious players into water to kill them, as well as stealing. This rule is voided if a tribe chooses to engage in a tribe war. 

Regarding Tribe Wars: Our rules regarding tribe wars are relatively hands-off. Essentially engage in tribe wars at your own peril. As tribe wars are voluntary and only affect the involved tribes via supported game mechanics, admins will not intervene over the death of tames, destruction of bases, or the loss of equipment/supplies during tribe wars. Rules 1 and 5 will of course always be enforced though, so keep it civil and respectful.

Rules Regarding Server Admins: Our server admins are also players. While we have happily kept our servers open to others, the core reason for purchasing our servers in the first place was of course for ourselves to play on them. We do not permit admins to utilize admin commands to benefit themselves in any unfair way. You may however see admins using admin commands to address bugs, test changes to the servers, perform general server maintenance, or to host server wide events.

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