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Ark YouTubers you watch?

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13 hours ago, Oldster said:

HOD is definitely my favorite, great low key humor and chill. Does occasional educational videos and his pvp isn't the lagfest clusterf*** kiddie stuff OR the giant professional 400 apm light show stuff of the big guilds (clans?). 

Another favorite is Voxesto, another low key happy go lucky chill funny guy with good quality edits, not just dumped raid footage clipped at 3ms intervals. 

Bonus; both have great accents and British humor.

Thanks for the Voxesto tip, he seems great to just chill and watch. Subbed :)

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19 hours ago, Roachbugg said:

Spaced Panda - Too Old to play? Doe's let's play and challenges she also streams on Twitch. I find her quite charming if Old English ladies who are scared of everything are your thing. 

Also, Recommend


Phlinger Phoo
Unite The Clans


Thank you for the Spaced Panda referral - she's awesome! here's the link to her channel for anyone else who wants to be charmed :D https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9895AZ7sruUQEf3j9am2tw

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Apex is where I've gotten most of my information as a new player venturing into small tribes server pvp, he explains things really well about the flow of gameplay as a solo player so that you don't get as frustrated when you lose your stuff.

Nooblets and Phlinger Phoo have also been pretty essential for information on the different maps themselves

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