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Spino, I really don't have a reason though.  I've always loved it and got the pleasure of working on it for TLC 2

Motor boat... cuz I’m a pirate ?

Argentavis, They look pretty badass and probably make the biggest difference in progression, the moment you tame you first argent life gets a heck of a lot easier. Mobility, decent carry weight to tra

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In short, I would say my favorites are Rex, Fire and Ice Wyverns. I struggle to name a victor, so Rex for dinos, Wyverns for fantasy & flyers group. For water it would be the Mosasaur, it would be the plesio, but its face is just horrid. 

It feels however very unfair to name a favorite tough, Ark as lots and lots of amazing and fun creatures... This is a question that is more loaded than it would seem.

Longer version...: 
I am really torn on this one, I mean usually Rex is my favorite, hands down. I love the real creature's "design and presence" since I saw its skeleton in ~1984-86...  I got really impressed by it and it carries to this date.

In Ark, that translates that the Rex is my favorite too, especially after the TLC pass on it, it became fantastic. The other one that draws me are Wyverns, but that goes totally into fantasy, however I just love how the Fire and Ice ones look (admittedly, fire could still use some work) , I really enjoy it... I kinda hope that a TLC pass on Wyverns is an option... Seeing how amazing the TLC creatures looked after a pass makes me wonder what they could do for Wyverns and their wings animations, overall aesthetics... I would like that a lot. 

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But for my more serious reply, mine is the Rex. The classic Tyrant King just gives off vibes of pure, unadulterated power and authority. It is really the only dino i feel completely safe traveling around on, due to its OP, but balanced stats, and abilities. There may be other creatures that do things better in some aspects, but The Rex hasn't failed me in any way so far( Of all the species I've tamed, the rex is the only one i have, that hasn't gotten killed yet, lol)

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My favorite creature is probably Griffins, they’re just so unique and I always get tremendously excited when I see event Griffins flying around. They’re not very useful for anything really I just think they look really cool.

My favorite useful Dino is Argentavis, they’re just hands down a powerhouse of a Dino they do so much and they look so good now compared to their older models.

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Usefull dino the magmasaur, the metal that thing collects at even 200% melee is quite insane, my anky can get more paired with an argy, (i guess, never tested) but their weight is much better, they are faster, apex and can defend themselves in most situations. 

Gacha, having a tame at home, that poops almost every resource in game is awesome, just need stone and pellets. 

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There’s loads of creatures that would come closely second, but my favourite has to be the fire wyvern. First of all, looks. The fire wyvern is by far the best looking wyvern of the four, with the ice wyvern coming a close second. Secondly, utility. The wyverns are 100% the best flyer. They have good weight, excellent health and damage output, and ok stamina, and they’re also super speedy even after the flyer nerf, and, if imprinted, they’re absolute beasts. They can take on Rexes and spinos no problem, and they can outfly other wyverns if imprinted and kill any other flier if they need to. If aimed properly, a high level fire wyvern’s fire attack can smite any pesky raptors nearby. Oh yeah, they’re also GOOD FLIERS. What more could you possibly want???

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I have waaayyy too much creatures that I like in this game. I can sum it up like Ibam did and put my 5 favorite ones as well.


1. Thylacoleo - Cool AF, can run and stick to walls, super mobile, can leap at huge distances, super fast sprint speed.

2. Argentavis - The most versatile flyer and a very pretty looking bird. Gonna be your best friend for a long time when you get one.

3. Equus - come on who doesn't want an oversize-super-fast horse in their arsenal?

4. Tyrannosaurus Rex - Everything about this thing screams power, and I love it.

5. Spinosaurus - Another  one that screams power too me. Hits really hard and very mobile with their buff on. Great animations on their attacks as well.

To add, I've only played on The Island and I've only owned the game for about a month, and I haven't touched other maps. So I have no idea what the other creatures are from the other maps.


EDIT: Special mention, OTTERS are my favorite shoulder mount. They're cute.

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Roll rat is an amazingly fun dino to ride, if its a flat area (dunes of SE are the best) absolutely nothing can beat a speed pumped rat in a race. Downside is having zero vertical mobility and the turning circle of an aircraft carrier. I also just like rats.

Another fav is the deinonychus. It looks amazing and is absurdly powerful in the right circumstances. It needs breeding and a good saddle to be brought to its full potential but this thing can eat alpha rexes and be your solo damage source for boss fights. Also pretty mobile and pretty cool.

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