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Is anyone using Vireio Perception, VorpX, or some possible way to get 3D?

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Watching the video "demoing" the Ark in VR experience. That experience for Ark is clearly undesirable. It would be convenient for Wildcard to either "TLC their VR" or "Stop making the Rift software pop up to do what you never plan to have working."

Looking at alternatives, I found https://www.vrheads.com/can-you-play-non-vr-pc-games-rift-or-vive#3d which appears to provide drivers to support "stereoscopic 3d". I don't *really* need the Rift controls, I'm more happy with the keyboard. And truth be told, I don't really need head/ motion tracking, I can get used to being without it. But I'd really *REALLY* like to do SOMETHING with Ark using my Oculus Rift. Has anyone looked at 3D drivers, or some way of enjoying Ark with a VR headset that does NOT resemble the YT video linked above? Or has anyone heard rumors of Wildcard actually delivering a VR experience that doesn't resemble the wretched video above?

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I'm using VorpX, and I have it working fine for me. NOW my limitation is, "That 0.5kg sitting on my nose several hours sucks." But it would with any game.

If anyone is interested in my experience and how I have mine set up, I'd be happy to share.

Or, better yet, WildCard could... you know... choose to just have VR work like the useless stupid buttons that bring up the VR subsystem but crash out when you try to use it.

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