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Help! Keybindings keep resetting :(

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My tribemate just whistled "follow all" in our base for the fourth time since the homestead update... Because his keybindings keep resetting.

There's actually two problems - all his keybindings keep resetting to default every time he starts the game, no matter how often he unbinds them.This has been a problem a while ago, was then fixed, and now it's back. 

The second problem, which I have too, is that the keys to control the volume now have whistle commands bound to them. My tribemate has "follow all" on one of them, and when I try to change the volume via keyboard it does a whistle too, but I don't know which one (I suspect "land flyer" as nothing happens when I press it, only the sound playing).

These keys reset every time we start the game. They are not shown in the options.

We're on pc, win7, my tribemate plays in german if that matters. We don't have any fancy Software for our keyboards installed.

Any ideas how to stop this? :(

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My keybindings only reset after updates sometimes, but not each time i start the game, that is super annoying. I also have whistles bound to some weird keys, or when im in inventory and wanna change gamma via my bound keys it opens global chat....

I hope your friend finds a way to fix it, that wildcard removes keybindings to weird keys, and that they give the option to customize all things, like the tribe chat for example. 

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