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Best map for PVE main base? And why.

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Depends what you like and what stage you're at.

Starting out? Ragnarok. Get those tames, bloodlines and a wyvern / griff. Hit some easy ice cave drops, desert drops, desert lootcrates.

Once you're ready move to The Island for easy element farming, metal and paste / endgame drops (rex/theri saddles) Farm bosses, collect tekgrams, bosses here are easy to farm because low artifact requrements. Make your tek stuff, once you unlock transmitter you can main any map and switch between with ease.

Strugglin getting that Rex bloodline? Or a Giga for extinction? Have a taming outpost at Lava isl on The Center. Best spot ingame to tame Rex and very high chances for hlvl gigas if you can kill off some.

Until transmitter stage its recommended to have your Rag base near an Obelisk, since drops dont transfer in SP.

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