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A couple of years ago I purchased ARK for my PC during a sale. I was surprised when I found out that another game was given to me. I have played only ONE match of SOTF, but I enjoyed myself greatly. I tried to play it a couple of months ago, but it took forever while matching.


I'm sad at the small number of people playing, but I'm not to suprised. I hope that there will be a bright future ahead of SOTF.


As for what Wildcard could do, they could sell it maybe $15.00 and put in an in game shop, like PUBG. This shop could feature several skins from the real game, like the captains hat, trike bone helmet, and dino skins. I hope that Wildcard takes my ideas into consideration.



(Several people have talked about this subject before, but I just want to show that this is something that players want.)

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SotF is definitely missed. With all the new content in Ark.. Scorched Earth, Aberration, and now Extinction, I strongly feel that if SotF got a much needed overhaul with some new dinos and new features it would shine again like it once did. SotF was really going strong at one point and a lot of people really do want it revived. I do believe that if it were to get updated it would gain a lot of players once again. 

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