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Weigh In: Options for the future of Primitive+


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Prim+ is an amazing game mode. I'd say the best option would be to add it as a mod, but possibly with special servers (like hardcore, 6 man etc) that have tek ect disabled, so the people who play only for that reason can move there, but everyone else can access the building stuff for official servers. As a pve player I love prim+, however there was never any official pve prim servers, so I had to go to unofficial. I think for pve players all of the building bits would be great, especially if some things could get a reskin, indy forge looking like the prim+ version and the chairs, windmills, smokehouse etc. However, whatever you decide to do, there should be some sort of compensation for those playing prim, like letting them upload their dinos and character, to bring over to the new servers so it's not a start from scratch problem. 

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In my opinion, it should be a mod as overwriting core files is never ever a good idea. I see stuff in my job as a sysadmin where people run ancient software due to some modifications on core files making them unable to upgrade. Horrible.

Speaking about Community maintenance, what about maintaining it WITH the community? I mean, it's not a big deal today to kick off some collab services allowing you to do more with the community together which may result in some better ideas. Players often think outside the box and are creative or may just have a different view on things which the main game may even profit from.

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I've been a prim+ fan for several years, if integrating it into the main game means we see tek stuff again i can promise it will die. Everyone who stays in prim believes this is how the game was meant to be played, with dinos and raw fighting pvp.

However if the in game remains the same, and the bp can be loaded faster, we will see a HUGE influx of players. I think that is the key to breathing life into this beautiful game mode.

I don't like the idea of a full wipe, but i can live with it if it means more people get to experience this game mode.  

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The thing about prim plus I love is the fact it is primitive as in you don't have metal or two structures. Now with putting it in the main game I see some issues and I'm not talking about ones prim plus have that should be fixed for quality of life such as where you have to crouch through doors a lot when using prim plus buildings. The next issue is for people that run roleplay servers as there is a lot on prim plus and if it's part of the main game how would someone make it feel primitive as it should be. This comes from a player on Xbox who's mainly played primitive plus for the last year. 

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Make it part of the main game for sure. It would also help the devs i would think making more room for additional servers. Just put the engrams mostly in early game. Godspeed with your future indevour wildcard. I have never played prim plus but im gonna give it a try and get back with updated comment.

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 I've played here 2 years. Things like the load time doesn't really bother me enough to lose everything. Its mostly people new to prim+ that complain of it. They play 10 mins, and never come back. Not even trying the mod. I do other stuff for 20 mins and the game rarely crashes. I think adding prim + things to the main game is a bad idea. A mod may be the best option listed here. I would really hate to lose everything after 2 years without a good fight however. So basically it all sucks. 

Adding it to the main game defeats the purpose of why the people who love it and play it, play it. 

I would have liked to of seen prim+ just improved.. All those extra crops, recipes and things expanded and made meaningful. I would have liked for my giga to be able to eat stegos and mammoths on the island (not sure if the other servers have this bug I only really play on the island unless helping fight off threats on the others) Just little buggy things like that would have improved prim+ alot. Fixing battle axes not to be so OP and in brick options for big gates, ect, ect. 

On a side note. First year i played prim + we had all the events, raptorclause christmas, easter, vday dino colors. But we haven't these past holidays.. What changed that we couldn't have them from one year to the next?

Anyways.. that's my 10 cents.

Shee - Tribe: Rock. Offical NA Prim+ cluster3

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Hi I'm reptilegod I've played ark since it launched on PC but then switched to console I've played over 15,000 hours of this game and I absolutely love it its been the one game tht always calls me back I love both styles of normal and primitive plus its been 2 years since I've stepped onto any primitive servers and I'm one of lilstrange_thejackalbabys more seasoned players I've been with her for a entire year she really knows how to host a server an keep it enjoyable tht being said primitive plus is a very fun an relaxed version of the game I've enjoyed it eminsly love the roleplaying aspect it brings to the game and the build options dont add us to the tek style of the game tht would destroy everything primitive plus stands for it wouldn't work well together in my opinion primitive plus needs some work and tune ups and some TLC if done so it would be completely different game mode it would be so much better there is so much potential there for primitive plus thts not be used or utilized I love both versions of ark but continusly filling turrets is so boring and it takes forever primitive plus takes tht away so u can enjoy the game more instead of grinding your life away on bullets in the end tho it is the dev's game and their going to do wht they choose but asking our input is fantastic in my opinion getting our views on this topic was definitely a smart choice but please don't let the normal ark players who comment be the ultimate deciding factor it should be the primitive plus players who ultimately decide its fate along with the devs

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I have been playing Ark since it first released. Played all the different mods and platforms.

With this in mind I truly believe Prim Plus is what I visioned Ark to be when I first witnessed it. It would be against all that  Prim Plus is made up to blend it in with the main game UNLESS you could turn off the tek line for that particular Prim Plus Server. So we could still get the benefit of additional content but without tek tier additions. Now if that is not possible then I and the dedicated members of the Prim Plus servers would be happy to just play on our stable servers as is and just play it out. 

Prim Plus has a very loyal dedicated group of diverse true survival players. We represent TRUE SURVIVAL interests and love the real battle. We are not part of the easy game fast result type of play. We grind and have to be creative when tackling tasks. PVP is true man vs man and you have to get close and personal when battling. 

When considering input look at who plays the Prim Plus Clusters and not someone who just knows of it. It would be like us Prim Plus guys having input on the Tek Tier future. 

Us Prim Plus players just want stability, items to work, decent load time, and basically left alone and away from the tek stuff. We are easy to please and we keep to ourselves. 

Thank you and we appreciate you trying to make Prim Plus better. 

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I would integrate it into the main game, but improve some of the features it has to offer. For example, the Teepee should act as a more secure tent. Also the industrial forges and the chemistry/Alchemy benches would have to be reworked due to bricks and the different types of clay. 

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Avid prim+ user here. I dont know much about the dev side of things but PLEASE DO NOT ADD THIS TO THE BASE GAME!!

The whole point of prim+ is that you dont deal with the metal tier and up BS, esp tek! Once prim+ dropped I made the switch and didn't look back.

The load time isn't unbearable (unless the server is going down for an update and you are breeding mammals ... you guys scared me with the 294.108 patch!! )

Events would be nice to see again. 

Fixing our broken content, which ever way this ends up going, would be swell (gigas eating stegos/mammaths, learning the canteen engram, beeswax not being broken on Rag, needing tranq darts but they dont exist, etc)

I would rather not lose my progress like most players on the official clusters, but if it meant everything works and we were back to being included in updates I would happily be a berry picker for a day!

I think it would be best to leave it the way it is, and just have a small team who is ready to fix prim+ every time a patch comes out. We are more than happy to point out bugs :)

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I don’t mind the wipe, make it in to a mod instead so Prim+ can keep what makes it awesome


if it is integrated in to the main game Prim+ looses all its purpose, no tek should be involved in prim+, that is the reason we prim+ gamers love it.


If you have ti wipe it to make it better i say go for it, this way we can fully enjoy what prim+ is all about!!

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2 hours ago, Lewimaron said:

I'd say bring the prim+ content into the main game to enhance primitive content and then add a proper primitive gamemode that just disables tek and stuff like that.

This is my thought too.  You can disable all the engrams you don't want in a server, and can still have close to the p+ game play style.  We would lose some stuff but there is alot of it that is useless like the advanced crop taming and baking, which most don't use any way.  It could work in favor for both games as having more middle tier options for the forge, chemistry bench, advanced smithys, and adding new building structures to the main game.  Some of it would need reworking though.  


My opinion is based off official servers, i would just like to have a primitive style gameplay without tek stuff.

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When I first started playing Ark I played on Prim plus official servers and that was probably one of the most grueling fun times of all Ark High highs and low lows rebounds rebuilding reconquering caveman Conan in style lol 




1. will converting it over to a mod make only for PC players I play on PlayStation will this take the game mode from console users?

2. I don't play on Xbox but faster loading times is better seems like we're going to have to wipe all to have a less bug-free start

3. If integrated into the main game Let's console users play I 100% support this Prim plus has a smaller playgroup it would be a shame to push any of them out 

4. Give the power to the players for new content ideas it's exciting to get on forms and be a part of something that's evolving in Prim plus still has a whole chapter that still untapped and I'm sure a ton of people have plenty of ideas I'd love to see come to the game

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most definitely add to main game, the content options of rafts, dwelling construction, consumables, general base aesthetic, process of crafting creates a dual world dynamic where there is deliberation as to who works in base and who works out of base, whether that is with crafting, defense, offence, grinding, etc having prim+ incorporated into the tribe ranking system can enable the means to add balance to official pvp and as well other game mode options, but indeed official pvp would most benefit from prim+ being main game but as well its incorporation into tribe rank - using such tribe rank to give dutys that DO actually benefit the tribe with bringing on inexperienced players to fill such dutys, of such could be the pumping resources into base structures/defense structures  unlocked through tribe expansion in such ranks- 1/10 tiers for each rank filled so with each rank the health of said structures can be boosted higher, taking the crafting stations of prim+ and associate there use based on tribe rank so with each tribe rank and assigned dutys in such ranks such stations become accessible only to those in such rank - everything crafted accessible to the tribe regardless of rank, essentially tribe rank specific crafting of prim+.

as for small tribes not able to fill ranks or solo players there access to such becomes accessible through a merchant stand that can be built that must be ranked to gain access to prim+ craft stations incorporated in tribe ranking,  other prim+ craftables and elements made accessible to everyone through standard means,

make said merchant stand accessible to any tribe adding a threshold to tribe size that disables access to merchant stand and then thus makes use of tribe ranking system, 

prim+ incorporation into main game is one thing but adding it into in such manner above will enable more time and resources for the developers to address certain exploits and game mechanic issues without to much strain on the development with prim+ incorporation, to my understanding it would appear doing so in such manner would be the addition of menu toggles and the importation of resources,

prim+ is highly deserving of main game incorporation - this being one way i envision it could be done but could produce a variety of mechanical issues neither content loads need more of. 



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Granted I dont know how exactly it works, but why not just pull it out and make it a stand alone instead of a conversion. It sounds like every patch you guys write you have to rewrite prims code to accept it. Make us a separate game, stop loading base code then rewriting it with prim when we log in (gives us the load time) just load prim, and pull us from the normal update pool.

The fast (normal) load time will get the population up, you guys can stop having to mess with writing specific updates for 100 to 200 players every patch and we can finally have a chance to grow as a game type.

Prim is the in between from official and unofficial, the reason there are thousands of unofficial servers is cause the massive difference between the powerful and the new on normal servers. On prim that difference is cut down amazingly small. Several times on our cluster streamers have came in and within two weeks have wiped everyone, it's just dinos here. 

Cut us out, let our population grow, and give us a dev when it does. Prim is the best game type even with it taking as long as it does to load and the only dev love besides you guys having to fix it every patch it seems was one year ago this month.

Plus think with you getting to stop recoding every patch you put out you could just spend a fraction of that time just coding to give prim it's own updates every few months.

I think this option will keep us from getting wiped... will lessen your work load, and will give prim its first chance at actually being a supported game type (outside of the fact you guys have been spending time every patch to keep it up....)

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I've played Prim Plus before and I really like it. True it is much difficult to get tames, I don't play on servers but I can imagine that it's a bit tougher to defend. All that aside I vote to take it to the main game and keep it on its own as is. I absolutely love all the building pieces and furniture bits. You can make much more aesthetic builds and towns or just to make your base look nicer. Yall could even make s server where there's a town already built you and your tribe have to defend it from waves on dinos or something. Another thing about Prim Plus I adore the new crops. It's so much fun to pant all the seeds together and harvest them make new food items. As my last bit, I will say this, take the building bits and stations and food to the main game but also keep it as it's own version of the game.

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Let me start by saying I run my own xbox server and have been playing Prim + for awhile now, and love it (w/ no flying saddles).

I'm all for any direction that makes maintaining the codebase easier for the devs, which in theory would mean more frequent updates to Prim + (as there would be less rework needed).  The only thing I ask is some sort of option on the server panel under the engram tab where I can bulk disable 'families' of engrams. i.e. Have the following options available:  ('Reset all engrams', 'No Tek', 'Prim + Only', 'No Flyers', 'Original' etc)

And as long as were making a wish list, replace the all the soups with the food items from Prim +.  I.e. If I want to resist the cold (Calien soup) I need to brew beer. Pizza for stamina? Bacon for damage buff? etc. Right now there's little reason for me to mess with the food. 

And if we're really going crazy, then maybe turn the engram system into more of a skill tree system like in Atlas. Oh and if it's below 32F temp outside, food spoiling is reduced, because come-on... if I'm freezing to death, this prime meat is definitely NOT spoiling, maybe getting freezer burn, but not spoiling.  For that matter on Scorched earth, when it's +150F outside all cooking fires should cook meat faster, and meat inside inventory should spoil faster. 

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15 hours ago, Cedric said:

Before we engage in this conversation, please keep it constructive.  It's also important to remember that there is no timeline or guarantee to the options proposed here.  Part of my job is to make sure the development and management side is armed with enough info from the community when they go to make these decisions.  I want to be able to take the conversation to the table when that happens.  Some of the things proposed will be unrealistic or not even possible, and that's OK.  The point is to start the conversation.

It's important to understand a few things about Primitive+ before we start.  It's a total conversion.  Total conversion overwrites core game files to make it easier for modders that plan on making lots of changes to the core game.  It edits those files directly instead of creating copies of them like traditional mods.  When the main game is updated, it overwrites those total conversion changes with the main game updates.  This means that total conversions like Primitive+ are hard to maintain because it's essentially creating the mod over with every update.  Those who play may notice that's why some bugs always reoccur.

So with that said I'll kick it off with some ideas that we've tossed around internally:

  • Convert it to a Mod
    • Positives: Easier maintenance internally, Faster updates, no recurring bugs, faster loading
    • Negatives: Wipe would most likely be needed, potential functionality loss
  • Seek Free (It's what XBOX uses for loading)
    • Positives: Faster loading
    • Negatives: Susceptible to issues with total conversions (listed above)
  • Integrate it into the main game
    • Positives: It's no longer a separate DLC and enhances the existing primitive content
    • Negatives: It loses the specific mode
  • Let the community maintain it
    • Positives: The community can deem where it should go
    • Negatives: I'm sure there will be a lot of logistics to figure out the right way to get this done

As I've stated, our last option is to remove content.  If you feel we should do so give me your thoughts.  Do you have some other options?  Weigh in!

How about another option, do like what WildCard did with ATLAS, we all know it is ARK in it's core... So Make it a Separate Game, map compatible, therefore no incompatible builds, and a fixed base that ark is deserving for a long... long... time.  Anyway, if you just fix primitive plus first, like, fixing the canteen engram that have been there for over 2 years broken... that would be something. First things first! :)

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I have always wanted to play primitive plus as the main game. I love so much about it, but I hate giving up things like cryo pods and such. I also think with the enable engrams ability you could easily just have some servers where the primitive plus engrams are enabled. You could disable some of the Tek ones and have only the prim plus ones on some servers, and then you could just have some where all are allowed ( favorite option for peppers like me who love rich building and RP.

And this would make single player over the top fun for me! 

My vote is a very strong make it part of the main game.... Also add the ability to make bug babies. The life cycle dosent have to be accurate, but I want baby spiders and scorpions and cats...etc,

etc. I think the bugs and Batts bed some TLC as well.... Araneos and scorpions should be able to climb walls. There is no such thing as OP and balance problems with the little dinos. Nobody used them seriously in official anyways so it won't hurt anything to give some more fun and utility to more of the dinos..... And the bugs(bats and stuff too) need to have Breeding enabled so they are played with more I think.


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First, thank you for making this great game mode.

Second, thank you for giving the community a chance to talk about what we would like to see for the future of Primitive Plus.


Personally I would love to see this changed from total conversion to either a mod or integrated into the full game. Another person mentioned adding the option to turn it on or off in the server settings for server owners. Maybe also add an option to turn off advanced technology as well. I would say make that a separate setting so those who want to add in the structures and items from prim plus but still have advanced items can, but those who want a fully primitive experience can have one too.


I think that if given notice, most players and server owners would be ok with losing progress if they know that the game mode will be getting ongoing support and updates.


Most problems that I hear complaints about are because of missing engrams when there is added content to the vanilla game. Or the ongoing crashes and glitches when there is a vanilla update that breaks something for primitive.


I hope to see primitive stay around and continue to be updated.

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Hello Wildcard !


First of all my background !

I am playing prim+ since 3 years  on  official pvp (pc). I prefer this gamemode beacuse its an alternative gamefeeling - no tek - no titans from extinction, its more oldschool :)

I took the long loading  time to join a server because of the awsome  unique gamemechanics in prim+ - it was worth for me.


I like your  engagement for prim+. The options you let us choose are interesting, but  tbh nobody can understand this... i mean .. what does this mean for official servers.

Which option give you the possibility  to create Prim+ mod/core game servers. In my opinion it doenst matter if it is a  mod or  in the core game..

For players is most important , that you can handle long  loading time ,you are able to patch and support prim+ in an easier way for you + wildcard offers  official pvp servers ! ?



Here are some Problems Prim+ has , since long time and short time:


- Dino Transfer


Many Dino's are not possible to transfer to Center/Island...

Aberation Dinos deal many problems.. because atm you are able to transfer Reaper's but no Light Pets -> make them kind of op in prim+ ...


- Bee Hives

atm Bee Hives dont produce Bee Wax, only Bee Honey. Bee Wax is an important Ressource for prim+


- Hazard Suits:

Actual you only can craft them in a Fabricator + The crafting mats are ressetted to original crafting recipe with gas balls and  polymer -> was  prim+ leather and prim+ glas before


- Grinding Stone

The Grinding Stone has 16 slots but  high end Blueprints  need much more Ressource- maybe you can increase the Item Slots on these ?


- Plant Z

It is not possible to place Z Seeds into the Large Crop Plot



Teppes dont work on Ragnarok, on other maps they work but are mega buggy - you want to respawn at the tepee but it teleports you to a random spawn area on the map


- Primitive Plus Structures

Many Structures are not Paintable.... Brick Ceilings Brick Pillar.. Brick gates, Lumber gates ..................................


-Primitive Plus Structures missing ?

-> Brick Behemoth Gate ?

-> Brick Behmoth  Hatchframe ?


- S+ Primitive Plus Structures (triangle)

Possible if prim+ is  a mod or in the  core game?


- X plants 100 Turrent Cap

In Prim+ are X plants the only Tower defense (Rock Golems and Dimo Towers also possible) but  atm its  nearly impossible to build a base in an open field, because a breed Giga can easy tank and destroy all xplants in senconds.

Maybe  you increase the Xplant cap to 150-200 ? or Increase Xplant HP /DMG ?


- Beacons

Atm Beacoms are  dropping Fabricator super rarely .... I suggest thats not intended- plz remove

- Rock Drake Blueprints missing ob aberation (from drops)


-Primitive plus Vegtables

Since the new kibble rework- all prim+ vegtable doenst work for dinos anymore


-Prim plus Meat

- Cooked Poultry and Cooked Rips doenst work anymore for Dino Food



Questions about possible "new servers official"


Will Players have the option to transfer their Dino's to the new servers ?

Will Players be able  to transfer their Characters to the new Server Cluster ?


If it is possible

Will be there a non Transfer Time from old Server-Cluster  (like Extinction had) 2 mounths no dinos transfer ?!

Whats your plan with the size of the cluster ?!

1x Server for each Map (plz no Etinction)

5x each Server

10x each Server


Or like Oldschool Servers - small clusters with 1x each map ?!



- I like your information politics atm !

-> I hate your information politics   for prim+  in the past !

(3/4 year no response, no saddles for new dinos)


-I am adult so i can understand that you had  massive problems with pathching prim+ beacuse  the Player Count was small. But tbh, why  do people dont play prim+ - cause of missing content and  epic long loading times (got better but still). Why you are start talking to the community right now and not 2 years before :(




Plz Wildcard, i belive and you. Keep this way you are going now ! Prim+ will become a new jewel of ARK :)



Thx for your help


LuckyBastard from Karmageddon (official speaker) PC Prim+ official cluster

Future content?
Primitive plus speacial engrams for killing Bosses ?
Kind of a Tek Transmitter --> Altar where you have to sacrefice something ?! that for you can transfer items into the ARK-net ?!
A Behemoth Cannon for better siege ? ;)


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