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Im so angry.

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There is few things that are broken.

1. When you take of your armor some peaces drops on the ground its not happaning all the time, but it does. 
2. When you transfer itams to vault or storage bow, some itams drops on the ground. 
3. Just now i spend more than hour collecting organic poly gacha crystals and when i start opening tham they just disapear and didnt give me poly. 
    update - looks like tek storage box F up crystalS, i picked up new ones and they work, I CANT PUT THAM IN TEK STORAGE BOX.
4. Few days ago i lost my anky and 2 feather lights, i put tham in cryo fridge and next day they was gone, just disapear. 

Looks like more WC make updates, more they F.... everything up, god damn it :@

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