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Can't download dinos

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Hello, I have 4 Dinos that cannot be downloaded.  They are greyed out and I cannot click them.  I originally uploaded them from Scorched Earth, and now cannot download them even on SE.  I started with 7.  This was a couple weeks ago.  Switching over to the Island where my main game, I downloaded 2 dinos just to try it out. (first time uploading/downloading).  But 4 of 7 were un-clickable.  I figured they just couldn't come over to the Island.  I downloaded a few inventory items too. 

When I eventually went back to SE, I was only able to download the last dino that wasn't greyed out on the Island.  The other 4 are still stuck in the Obelisk....   Why??   How do I get them out or clear the list?  I don't even want them.


Also, another seemingly big issue, is that it says I have 25/50 ARK ITEM SLOTS.  25 items supposedly in the ARK DATA somewhere but I cannot see anything.. I've checked 6 Obes on SE and Island.  There is nothing in my DATA tab or Tribute tab.  What is going on??

Thanks in advance



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Guest BubbaCrawfish

When you download the others, do they have timers?

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Guest BubbaCrawfish
1 hour ago, Stormscurse said:


If you do want to get rid of them I'd suspect that there'll be a file near where your profile will be.


(Steam library/installation folder) steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\ has all the files and saved data.

I'd be a bit hesitant in doing so. Take a few screenshots of the tribute when you have something uploaded to it which is able to be brought out.

Also instead of deleting anything, just rename it.

I'm more hesitant in this method because I don't use singleplayer, but I know that in the server folders you end up with a file named profileIDNumber.arktribute or something similar.

I haven't done anything with singleplayer in regards of the tributes. I've always just fired up singleplayer maps to check out things then shut them down.

While this could get rid of the stuck dinos, it could corrupt other things and doesn't really 'fix' the issue on how they became stuck. (You may want to REALLY back up that entire Saved folder)


Hell, this could even be something to do with Windows in a random sense, or even steams cloud saving. Vista used to hold copies of files for protection, which often locked settings and stopped people being able to alter files as the 'preference' would be that Vista would use the backed up files, instead of the new edited ones.

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