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  • GroveStreet

Our March 2019 update is now available! This update includes a few new features alongside a bunch of player-requested improvements and bug fixes. 


This Unlock is available in Single Player only, and allows you to remove all tamed creature level limits. Launching at 40% off for a limited time, this purchase lets you to add up to 2,000,000,000 XP to your tames and put your levels into whatever stats you see fit. Want a Rex with 10,000% melee damage or a Pteranodon with 1000% movement speed? No problem.
Your creatures will still earn XP via traditional methods, but that rate will naturally slow down as their levels get higher and higher. To help with this, we’ve made it so that Potent Dust consumption grants 1,000,000 XP to your tames with the Ascendant Creature Unlock. Additionally, God Console owners can use the Level Up Target button to achieve similar results. 



This is an improvement we’ve been working on for all of our players out there having trouble backing up their Single Player save data to the cloud. Found in the Extras menu, this button will remove excess game data and shrink your save file to a size compatible with Google & Apple’s storage limits.


EquusStatue_Icon.thumb.png.ea3a4257b0ea4b4f0bc2197b5d19d5b5.png       ManticoreHelmet_Icon.thumb.png.5fed8c77404d765fbf846858059aa837.png       DirewolfSkinRug_Icon.thumb.png.321a702d7b6096667ccff5507df32f25.png

You can now find the Equus statue, Manticore Helmet Skin, and Direwolf Rug available in the in-game store. Additionally, we have updated the Dodo Rug to re-size itself based on the size of the Dodo whose implant was placed in the rug.



Owners of God Console and Admins on Unofficial Servers now have access to the Recolor Target button. Just as the button sounds, this will re-roll the color scheme of any creature it is targetting. 


  • Direwolves, Procoptodons & Chalicotheriums can wear helmets
  • Revived creatures maintain spayed/neutered status
  • Increased Griffin base weight 25%
  • C4 decays after 15 minutes in PvX & PvXc game modes
  • Removed Griffin level up prevention in God Console
  • Unclaimed creatures can no longer mate
  • Photo Mode Reporting disabled on Unofficial Servers
  • Wild Raptors can no longer be carried in PvE & PvX game modes
  • Unofficial Server Transfers now have a 7 day cooldown before being able to transfer back to the server you left
  • Infinite weight exploit fixed with chairs, benches and turrets
  • Creature Implants no longer grant Potent Dust when ground. Ancient Amber now grants additional Potent Dust when ground.






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  • GroveStreet
4 hours ago, BigCowDaniel said:

Still having problem to get my server show on the list. Restarted my server which rent from Nitrado, but still not appearing! Already gone for 2 days!

You need to restart your server from the Nitrado settings page in order to apply the latest update.

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I have an LG Q7 plus with 3gb of RAM and vulkan support and when I start thr gane it asks me for storage permission, then it goes into a black screen, then it crashes. This has to be fixed to allow this phone to play ARK, I sent an email to wardrum regading these issues yesterday and they haven't responded, I hope someone can help me.

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Hey wardrum, in the next major update; ark mobile 2.0, are you going to add custom recipes to the cooking pot? 

Because, single player or multi player, the dungeons are going to be hard using medical brews ang prime jerky. 

And follow up question, are the dungeons going to be available on single player? 

Because my phone can't handle multi player servers. 

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17 hours ago, Lobopack said:

How do you go to single player mode. Trying to figure out for my 8yr old. We downloaded on Steam but when you tap on it it does nothing. Spent $40 and can’t get it to play and Steam has no support contacts. 

 My son want to play with mods but I have no clue as to how to add them. 



Wrong forum. This is for the mobile game. For the PC version you need to go to the main forum section. 

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