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[Freedom,Pvp] Small tribe Extinction pvp server

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Hey Survivors Are you looking for a long term small tribe  pvp Extinction server  come and join Freedom PVP server. The rates are 30x tame 20xp 4x gather and 30x breeding. Some stats have also been adjusted such as weight stamina melee  etc to provide a more laid back experience.The max tribe size is 6 so all my solo players and small tribe lovers come and join us and have a wonderful time on our server we are looking forward to seeing new survivors!  There are a few rules  1.  Be respectful 2. no trolling or griefing 

To join the server just search Freedom or Freedom PvP and the server should show up 🙂 if you have any questions please contact: Sir_Laffy_Taffy  hope to see you all soon. Finally this is a no admin server unless he needs to get on  such as  someone is just being completely out of line but other  than that have fun survivors happy raiding(: breeding or whatever you like


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