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I have been looking for somewhere to get an answer to this problem. I play on PC, on 4 servers. I have an older machine, and I have been playing for 1 year before official release. I normally have to make several attempts to log into a server, getting messages such as "host server timeout" and about 1 in 10 "join failed". It takes 1-3 login attempts to successfully load a server, which is fine.

 Since the patch the weekend before valentine's day, I have had the most atrocious time logging into my main Island server. It can take me 5 hours of constant login attempts, and I will still not get into the server. I only play on official servers, and it is only this server out of all 4 that I play on that has this problem. Attempting to repair files doesn't really help, and there are always 2 files reacquired. I can play fine on other servers without repair. (I don't know what the files are, or how to find out)

Since this is a problem that started *before* the Homestead update, I do not think that is a cause. Also, for the entire friday through tuesday covering St. Patrick's day, I did not have this problem. It occurs whether there are 5 people on the server or 15. (Average survivors online when I play is 5-9.) Is there a way to get this looked into? Are there other things I could be trying?

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