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pve Friendly UK Cluster 24/7 PVE - S+ XP1.5X Tame10X Harv2.5X

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Merric Gaming are a group of gamer's that are dedicated to making a friendly, helpful and enjoyable community!

We currently run all 7 official ARK maps in a PvE cluster and a full ARK PvP cluster, we also have an ARK: event server and a Crystal Isles server.  We will be adding more games as and when voted for by our community.  All our ARK servers are modded and a list can be seen on our website https://merric-gaming.co.uk.

Our setting have been setup to ensure taming and levelling do not take forever and we have set the maximum level for wild dinos to 240 for a little extra challenge.

We also have a Minecraft server, a Rust PvP solo server and a Rust PvP Trio server plus a friendly Space Engineers server - check our website for details.

Join us and find out just how friendly and helpful all our players are by joining either from our website or from our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/AGUfUvh

We pride ourselves on giving extensive help and advice to new players....

Merric twitch.jpg

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