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Community Crunch 173: What's Happening & Artist Feature!

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@JenHow about a spot where you guys let us know what bugs you are working on?  The recognized submitted bugs section on the forum seems to be a joke as aside from the Beta stuff there is only one post

Uhh, iirc you were the one fixating on the elitest notion that it is now too easy to get gigas. My point is that if you know what you are doing, gigas (insert almost any dino here) really aren't that

Naturally you would applaud a weak argument with poor points.   1. Mutton is a product of the RAREST creature on the Island and most players only see or encounter a wild ovis on official ser

I have an idea - How about you stop working on EVERYTHING until you fix meshing. I've quit the game, my friends have quit the game, and I suggest everyone else quits the game until they fix the biggest problem of all. MESHING. Oh you fixed two rocks ? Cool. Too bad literally the ENTIRE MAP is still meshable on EVERY MAP. DILO wild card? At least you got a COOL COMIC! LOL game still aint playable!

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