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  • Hey i was just wondering if my rexs / rhinos are good enough for alpha brood, alpha monkey, and alpha dragon. i have played ark for 3+ years, and run 100s of bosses but never been a breeder.

Rexs on hatch ( no mutations) = 11.2k HP   384M

Rhino on hatch ( no mutations ) = not sure HP   330M   (health is average not sure exactly but we got 100+ armour saddles. )

rexs saddles with be 70-80 and rhinos are 110+ 

we have got manas aswell which we previously used with some rexs mixed in and it worked really well.

we got 25k hp rexs with only 400 melee aswell we been using bc we need them to die as there trash but they been doing ok in bosses even with prim saddles. ya think if we put another 5 of them in with good saddles they will stand a chance?



Thanks a lot for feedback in advance <3

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