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Theres a chance with every egg hatched u can get a mutation.  A mutation is always accompanied with a color change to 1 color region of the creature and 2 wild levels into 1 of its stats.  Be warned theres 6 color regions and most creaturess only use 3 or 4 so the color can sometimes go into an unused region and b wasted.  U can also get the same color u already had sadly but thats a 1 in like 80 chance.  Be warned the mutation stat increase could also go into movement speed.  Wild creatures get 0 effect from wild lvls in speed so that is also wasted.

If u didnt kno already theres a difference between wild lvls on a creature and domesticated lvls.  Wild lvls go up a set amount for every lvl a creature has in the wild.  A lvl 150 would hav 149 points to place, distributed randomly.  Once tamed and adding the bonus lvls from TE, whatever the new stats r for the creature are domestic base stats.  Every point u place from xp is a domestic lvl and it adds to the stat a % amount of what the domestic base is.  So the more wild lvls(bonus TE lvls r also wild) in a stat the more of an effect the domestic lvls will have.

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