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Hello everyone,

I recently had my character on an official Cross Ark pvp server erased. It was late at night my 4yo daughter was sick and my character had just died. While getting her medicine i left her on the couch. Unfortunately, she was not too sick to grab the controller and make a new character for me. This erased my lvl 92 character in a tribe of 5 other real life friends. I put in a support ticket about this immeadietly after it happened saturday morning but have yet to get any response.


Turrets went crazy at my main outpost i lost about 15 tames including a wyvern, near perfect tek rex, my main argy, and many others. We have about 5 major outposts and that character i lost played a big role in constructing them. 3 of them were almost soley his creation although they are used by everyone. Its been devestating to our tribe as construction of the main base (which my character and tames did not spend much time at) is at a standstill. 


Now for the question, all the structures are tagged:

Owner - My xbox gamertag

Personal Owner - The erased character

Will support (if they even get to my ticket within the 2 weeks most the structures have) be able to merge these structures into my new character? Saving my tribe from the impending asteroid strike on our base and outposts.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


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I should add that the tribe settings for structures were - personally owned, tribe snap, admin demolish.

Thus why upon this characters deletion my tribe that i was in from day 1 is now having so much trouble.

Theres about 10 days left until the metal structures collapse. Far less for stone structures like my wife's waterfall garden. I really hope if something can be done that support reaches me in time.


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