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pvp Obscene Ark- (Started 3-11-19) Balanced Stats, GUNS MATTER, 7 Man Tribes

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Obscene Ark - FRESH (3-11-19)
8x Taming, 6x Harvest, 10x Incubation, 15x maturation, 5x XP
CENTER 32 slot 
RAGNAROK 32 slot as of now, but many more to come!
7 Man Tribes!
Unofficial Pc Sessions
Guns Matter
Official Balanced Play and Dino Stats!
Join Discord : HJDPukR

Basic rates - 6x harvest, 5x xp, 8x taming, 10x incubation, 15x maturation 

Environment rates - 1x turret damage, 0.5x water drain

Player stats - 1.5x hp, 2.5x stam, 15x oxygen, 25x weight, 1.5x melee, 1.5x move speed, 5x fort 2.5x crafting skill

Dino stats - 8x stam, 50x weight

Misc stats - 7 man tribes, 1.2x supply crate loot

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