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Dino decayed like material

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not sure if it's a bug, but it's the first time it happens  in ~2 years

my whole base decayed before it should ( after few days )

the main part is, the dino also decayed, in the guild info, like it was material.

not starved to death(they shouldn't have starved nonetheless), i never seen this kind of message saying that dino decayed


and i was well alive when i respawned, surrounded by nothing and all my stuff on me

can someone enlight me here ?


on PVE official

can provide screen

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On 3/12/2019 at 8:43 AM, S0DA said:

never had a decayed dino before, pretty ugly...


Yeah, I had an outpost base fully decay a few weeks ago on official PvE.  It was kinda hilarious/frustrating though, because the few pillars I had around the base giving me a space-cushion (my outpost is now surrounded by ENORMOUS behemoth-gate-ring box tribe bases) are ALL THERE in a circle around where the base was.  The pillars are wood.  The base was wood, and the base decayed.  The odds that I actually flew a circle around the wood base and reset only the pillars at the perfect range to not reset any of the base are vanishingly small, so the only solution is that the base decay timer bugged out.  I lost some dinos (just 2) as well, but weird poop is happening every now and then.  If your stuff disappears too now, just hang it up.  Don't submit a ticket, you just have to move on.  They aren't replacing stuff anymore I think, according to tribemates, alliancemates, and my own tickets to get replacements for bug-losses.

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