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Regarding a DDoS'd Server, Correct Course of Action?

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Alright, I'm at a loss. The server I play on (a relatively low-pop PvE official), is frequently under attack and brought to the all-too-common realm of 255ping for HOURS. After spending some time searching here, on the forums, I can find other desperate pleas going months back regarding the very server I am having this issue on. I have tried submitting reports, be it through the in-game report button, the google doc, and through support.survivetheark to no avail.

So my first question is, which of these report channels is the CORRECT one to use to report a downed server? This information should be made much more clear to the end-user.

Next, I would like to know if there is any information I can gather that would help in the reporting process (beyond knowing the "suspected" abuser's Username, Character Name, and Tribe). Are screenshots of the person in question making threats in chat of any weight? Or screens of the player list from before and after the issues arise? 

All in all, I am just extremely disappointed in how this situation has played out; it takes long enough to do things in Ark when everything is working properly, so these worries about whether or not it's worth it to roll the dice and unfreeze that baby, or to even fly over a body of water, is really infuriating. It is a PvE server, for pete's sake. My tribe began on this server to try and get away from all of the trashy "combat tactics" like these server attacks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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