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These are the current prices for certain jobs.

Assassination: 2 Eggs or 1k Metal Ingots.

Repetitive Killing: 2-5, 3 eggs or 2k ingots. 6-10, 5 eggs or 5k ingots. Ten is maximum.

Scouting for a base: Depends on size of base and risk. Small base: 2 eggs. Medium base with 4+ turrets: 5 eggs, 4k ingots, or a mastercraft weapon BP. Large base: 8 eggs, 6k ingots or two mastercraft weapon BP/One Ascendant weapon BP. Alpha: 12 eggs+4k ingots, 15k ingots, or 5 ascendant weapon BP's and 2 eggs.

Raiding: Same rules as above, but different prices. Small base: 20k ingots. You will get 90% of the loot. Medium base: 35k ingots. you will get 80% of the loot. We are currently only big enough to do medium bases only. This will change in future.

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