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On 3/4/2019 at 12:53 PM, invincibleqc said:

The tribe that killed his creatures simply have ";)" in their name. Basically the img tag is used in the chat but isn't in the logs so it is not formatted and is displayed as is.

Still, won't it be displayed on the dino or survivor that has that html tag? I might have actually seen an update regarding this, but I just want to double confirm.

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the s tribe 27 is on ddos statue... plz help

On 4/23/2019 at 11:20 PM, NoOneBtw said:

After almost 2 years of constant breeding, every larger group now has incredibly mutated dinos that are nowhere close to what the game was originally balanced around. This means that dinos like Rhinos or Therizinosaurs deal much more damage and are much harder to kill than they were 1.5 years ago when the game released. Politically, the game is currently very stale, with alliances constant, no big conflicts and many people leaving the main cluster for others clusters or other games for a fresher and more exciting experience. A wipe would easily reset breeding back to its original state and bring these dinos back down to what they were originally, and bring back many players that have left over the last year.


edit: im talking (mostly) about the Official PvP network, non-legacy, main cluster)


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