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pve [PvX][B] Ark’Mobile Evolved


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Hi everyone ! 

Opening of a brand new server of 24 players slots which 4 are reserved for Primal Pass players 

Server is set on Brutal difficulty meaning that no starter kit will be provided on this one, no item spawning and no free xp.

Please refer to the medium server for events and starter pack !

Server is set on maximum settings ( for mobile )

Max players in tribe : 6

Max wild dinos : 450

and runs into PvX mode which allows both modes to be played on the server.

PvP zone is the middle square on the navigation kit and the rest is PvE

PvP zone also include supply drops

I am looking for new ppl to come and play !

Server will be running as long as they are active players on it

Discord : https://discord.gg/zYs4C3t

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