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Community Crunch 170: ARK Stream Returns & S+ Beta Closing!


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5 hours ago, Zadira said:

I am a little worried, but I guess more confused. How will our unofficial server be affected when the S+ update becomes official and we are already running the S+ mod?  

You can disable the integrated S+ structures. 
See here:

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4 hours ago, Lowly said:

In regard to kibble rework

It seems rediculed that the extraordinary kibble can only be tamed from rockdrake, wyvern or hesperonis eggs.

Titanboa Egg is also for Extraordinary. I know Titanboa Eggs are also hard to get, but thats the entire point of this egg category. And Titanboas are present like everywhere.

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1: When will OG events comeback, like the Dodorex.

2: We don't need a new DLC every year.  Why not more TLC's, even if you focus on one dinosaur each time, and maybe you could actually show us how we get to abberation by finishing Scorched Earth.  

3: Please listen to the community!  I'm seeing so many questions being asked, like, when will you fix undermeshing, when will you fix this or that.

4: CONSOLES!  The reason pc players call us peasants is because of the fact we don't have access to the awesome things the community can create.  Just by making this structures plus update, we are one step closer to making a workshop for mods like in Steam.

That's all I have, except one thing for the community devs.  I'm not saying to post new things daily, but twice a week, let us know what you're doing for the game.  And don't make me bring up Atlas.  I have seen like six videos for it on Youtube, but if you look up ARK survival evolved, there are probably thousands.  I'm just saying, when you made Atlas, you left something that changed gaming for the good.  Have a nice day.  If you are wondering how Atlas looks, find this video.  


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Sorry to not say this sooner, but have you heard of Blender? It's a free animation software that has the same core things that companies like Pixar are using.  Was wondering if I could have permission to use it to create a movie for the ARK community.  WIldcard would get lots of credit and attention, and so would ARK in general.  If I had permission I could make this movie showing how cool ARK is.  Anyway, when is Primal Survival coming?  And when is ARK console going to get something that isn't hand-me-down from PC?

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Looking forward to S+, but still not too keen on the new kibble system. I’m really hoping that the old kibbles are kept in place as an option, with the new recipes being added. Now that tek dinos drop dust, it should be easier to apply unique recipes that do not conflict with the old.  It would be nice if more uses for beer were also added, because once a Chali is tamed it’s basically useless. Maybe it would be a good ingredient for the highest tier of the kibble tree, and bring back the birthday cake?


On another note, what’s in the works for TLC? The archaeopteryx could use some love, and I’m still not having any luck getting the gigantopithecus to gather fiber on wander. 


Lastly, I noticed the pods still do not display gender, nor is the crafting skill stat for the gachas shown.

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11 hours ago, Tlroa893 said:

How difficult would it be for y’all to maybe make the Titanoboas have even a slightly boosted egg laying rate?  I’ve been sitting with mine for literally 7 hours and not gotten one egg, and that’s with the Ovi boost.  Since they are one of only two eggs used to make the Extraordinary kibble, and arguably the easier of the two to attain, it seems like a major flaw.  Also maybe an Oviraptor that can pick up eggs would be amazing!

It has been posted in the past that there will be more eggs classed as special. :)

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7 hours ago, CryptidHorror said:

Question for the developer stream:

Is scorched Earth going to get Ascension? Right now it's a very lackluster map in terms of end game with just fighting the manticore, and it doesn't have any Ascension cinematic despite it being a main map. 

Read the explorers notes. It explains why there's no cinematic and how the other survivors got to aberration from there since there's no ascension process in scorched earth.

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17 minutes ago, Jakuson said:

Will there be a tek bow.

This is a great idea for additional content. Tek Bow with specialized arrow types. One example could be a tether arrow: you shoot a wild dino with it and then anchor it to the ground to keep it from running away (or into water), it would the the tek tier bola that works on any sized dino.

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13 hours ago, TheDragonAssassin said:

Will you fill the plot hole in your story in ark which is  the scorched earth ascension that explains the missing gap in how the player gets off the scorched earth ark and enters into the aberration ark before you make and launch a dlc or sequel game that takes place after the events of the Ark dlc Extinction?

That would be nice to see actually. It would also be nice for there to be more of a reason to fight the manticore other then element. Mainly more tek stuff.

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For your consideration (developers live stream) I have compiled a short list of in-game memes that are still not working correctly in ARK, and that turn off new players and frustrate older players:

  • Babies not eating - Occasionally a baby dino (usually Rexes, Gigas, Yutis) will stop eating the food in their inventory and starve to death. 
  • DC'ing and falling off Flyer - Once upon a time you would remain on flyer if your client Disconnected. Why this was changed is a mystery, as disconnecting is a common occurrence for most ARK players, and disconnecting over water/lava/wild carnivores is a death sentence that feels like developers are trolling their player base. 
  • Underwater Fog - Why this is even still a thing on The Island is a mystery. If i go from snow biome to warmer biome and it's precipitating, the weather changes from snow to rain. When you go from dry land to underwater and its foggy out, you should not see fog under water, period. It breaks immersion and is not realistic. Preferably the fog should just be removed entirely from the Island if underwater fog cannot be removed, but that would make playing on the Island more enjoyable and we can't have that.
  • Indoor Rain - If you build your ceilings too high up, then it will rain indoors. I'm not sure how this could be fixed, as it appears one's toon has a detection bubble around them that extends only so far, and if no ceilings are within range of that bubble, you still see rain. Maybe I'm wrong about the cause, but it's a huge immersion breaker and new players always ask why they see rain in their base. This was fixed once, but then broken again soon after, so we know this issue is addressable.
  • Falling through teleporter  - You and your dinos that are not standing right next to the teleporter terminal will fall through the floor/ceiling when reappearing on a teleporter elsewhere. Using a whip or whistling to follow will yank the dinos back up onto the teleporter, but its a bug that breaks immersion and frustrates players who don't want to build teleporters on the ground.
  • "Drop All" discards items that are inside Folders too - People put items in folders so they can transfer items easier or prevent some items from transferring when you click on "Transfer All." Yes, I can type in a search for an item and click "Drop All," but if i want to dump my inventory quickly then this becomes an issue if I have valuables hidden in folders. If I've put an item in a folder, I likely do not want it dropping in the first place. 
  • Meshing - Yes, we know you guys can't fix it because it's a complicated issue, but the problem still exists none-the-less and breaks the game in so many ways for pvp and pve, from immersion to outright exbloits.
  • Paint Sprayer doesn't auto-load paint from inventory - More an annoyance than anything else, but every other weapon/tool in the game that uses ammo will auto-reload when empty--except for the paint sprayer, forcing you to open inventory and manually load more dye and lose your color region settings.
  • Mindwipe recipe note is incorrect - When you find a note for the mindwipe recipe, it calls for far less ingredients than is actually required to craft a single windwipe. The note should be updated to read the correct amount of ingredients because this reflects on the quality of the game. 
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Questions for stream: Are there any plans to make fridges(normal and cryo) paintable? That would really help with labeling. 

Will there be a fix for the Gachas? I think they were overnerfed, and they no longer drop any MasterCraft or Ascendent crystals. 

Suggestions for the game: I have many suggestions, but I'll keep it short. Here are the main ones I'd like to see.

Tek Chamber: A place where you can edit and redesign your character. 

Imprint %: Add a way to set the percentage you get per imprint. It's really hard to raise and imprint on private servers with raised maturation speed. I wish there was an option to work around this. 

Thanks for the amazing hours with this game.

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