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Regular Xbox and XboxS are having issues

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So, I've worked on a particular map for 18+ hours getting things the way me and the owner of a cluster wants them and now, several people simply cannot load the map.

I haven't had any issues, I have an Xbox One X, but I'm assuming this is the difference.

Anyone have any ideas or able to contact a dev to bring this to their attention? The PGark system needs some love, it has amazing potential and even now, we can make some gorgeous maps.

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It's not even a problem with the current gen Xbox. Something in the Extinction/Winter Wonderland updates BROKE the PGArk system entirely. I used to be able to run them fine at full frames with 0 crashes on my normal Xbox One, but now it just crashes out at 4.6% every time. Rumor has it that it is a memory leak problem with the game itself.

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