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What dinos are allowed to be transferred to aberration?

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On 1/22/2020 at 9:06 AM, mackyish3r3 said:

I really wonder whether or not the genesis biome specific reskins that have an aberrant Dino variant will be able to transfer to aberration. For example, would the confirmed biome specific spino and paraceratherium which have their aberrant variations travel to aberrations servers or not?

All variations of animals that exist on ab are allowed into aberration, so paracer, spino.... x version and orginal can go there.  Only the aberrant versions that could go in rad can, other types can't w/out mushroom brew.

18 hours ago, crossmr said:

Oviraptors already made drakes a cakewalk. Oviraptors can pick up the egg without aggro and you take it from them. You can load yourself up with eggs and walk out. Drakes won't care.

I don't know if they ever implemented it but like a year ago WC said they were going to allow oviraptors to transfer there.




oviraptors can go to aberration.


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To preserve Abberations uniqueness and balance, you can only transfer in dinos that have a native counterpart in Abberation, such as the desert titan and managarmr. Overpowered Island/Scorched dinos s

Or desert titan...no flyers allowed but a flying godzilla is okay because balance.

Weird that the simple google search lead me here... 

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6 hours ago, GP said:

Yup, the moment you grab the egg they will agro on you, and once agro'd going into camo doesn't make any difference, they will still be agro'd and attack.

Funny cause I just did that a couple days ago and had no issue walking away with my drake.

20 minutes ago, GrumpyBear said:


oviraptors can go to aberration.

Nice, glad they actually did that. It was hard finding confirmation as to whether or not they genuinely made the change. as long as you bring an oviraptor over then, drake eggs are a serious cakewalk.

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3 hours ago, MrAqua said:

You can transfer any dino from Aberration(obviously). This is the list of dinos from other maps that you can transfer in and out of Aberration:


Also tek variants of this dinos can be transfered.


Can also transfer deinonychus, even thou it's not on that list somehow.

That does makes me wonder, which others are not on that list but are still allowed.

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On 2/23/2019 at 12:57 AM, ChrisK said:

Only dinos which are native to aberration can be transferred on, and No it does not have to be in it's aberrant version.


The is no positive or negative to an aberrant (I.E. spino) vs a normal spino on either aberration or other maps.

Hate to be that guy but Akchually the aberrant forms have higher damage potential and torpor but lower health

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