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are manas still way too op

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2 hours ago, Koola173 said:

pit's still the meta. until the freezing effect is taken away as well as the dismounting this will continue to be the case.

I would also reduce the range to slightly less than turret range so they cant just snipe people and tames protected by turrets.

The ice breath can directly target dino riders and can snipe people off their mounts like a fab sniper. Fix this.

Prevent them from beaming thru a tek shield, something not even a railgun can penetrate.

Prevent them from being able to kill Meks THRU THEIR SHIELD !

Prevent them from being able to use ice breath underwater. Manas only need to start the beam before hitting the water and they can use it normally as long as stamina lasts.

Make them grabbable by tusos, at moment mana can not be grabbed by tusos at all which combined with underwater speed and ice breath make them best sea dino

Make stamina regen not broken OP, at moment manas can regen from 0 to 6K stam in less than seconds if you hop off, they can even regen underwater unlike other land dinos.

Reduce underwater speed so they are not faster than any aquatic tames, not even a speed manta can catch a mana underwater

They can be instantly tamed using a glitch everyone uses on officials. Why raise a wyvern when you can be a level 60 bob and instantly get the most OP dino in game

The ice breath can PERMANENTLY ground the phoenix and make it unable to fly. The one dino made of fire you would think is safe from the mana is utterly worthless.

And thats just a portion of amazing stuff this god dino can do that needs fixing. I dont know what is more frightening possibility, that the devs created this Superman dino by accident or this was their intentional vision for post Extinction PVP balance all along.


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I killed an enemy lvl 247 mana without taking a hit of damage. Set 5 c4 on ground in front of me, blew them up as mana came to get me after a bit of taunting. Killed rider and almost mana. Ran to hidden box, grabbed gear uncryo'd lightning wyvern. Watched rider run from his base back to mana, whistling like crazy and then he got on mana where he proceeded to dash around like an idiot in a panic trying to avoid my lighting blast. He ran out of stamina and i wasted them both with lightning. Tip the balance to your favour. 

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