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Good ways to get great loot?

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Hello! So I've been wondering about how to get high quality items (Journeyman and above). I got a Journeyman metal pick from an Alpha Raptor. I also found journeyman flak gauntlets, a journeyman carno saddle, and a journeyman anky saddle bp from beacons. I've heard that Deep Sea crates and cave crates have much better loot (mastercraft and ascendant), so are they really worth it or do they yield the same results as beacons? Also what kind of quality items drop from other Alphas? Thanks everyone!

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Deep sea loot beacons are their own loot table,much better quality and different items in these. Alphas drop tools, crossbows, some armours etc. Sky beacons drop all that and a lot others.. saddles and bps, weapon blueprints etc.

Depending what you want, really. Map is key in the choices. You seem pretty new so id suggest you grab a flier and head to ragnarok. Rotate between the drops in ice cave (can fly in and get them).and the desert zone deep sea crates (on ground in desert)

Hitting both those will give you your fur bps, riot, longnecks and tools (ice cave),pump shotguns, gas masks, saddles etc. If you hit sky beacons in desert zone youll get chainsaws, other saddles.

Once youve exhausted those youll be sitting good, good tool and weapons bps, gas mask or two, giga saddles quetz saddles.. now its time for the big boy loot. 

Now you shift to The Island, run hard swamp cave and easy water cave. These will give you your best weapons, handy saddles and most important.. therizino / rex / yuti saddles and blueprints. Youll pick up a few nice pump shotguns along the way.

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