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Franchise dead to a salty Steamer

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  I really wanted to play with a group only to find out my steam version and all my DLC is fin worthless because their xbox. I paid the same money for the game as a Windows Store purchaser. The developers made the same money from me as them, yet im denied access to millions of players and them from me? Hope you made enough to set ya, I'll never invest another penny in ARK..The platform we buy from should not determine who we get to play with. If you deny Steam users Xbox players, then steam users will just not buy any more DLC or future titles..You want the console market, have at it..Plenty of other PC titles. I will continue to buy games on Steam because Steam has never once let me down.  It all boils down to the profit microsoft makes off the game, if they dont get a cut then you don't get to play with xbox. Well when the game was shiny and new, Us PC players kept you financed, we suffered the growing pains, but then ya make a bunch of money and microsoft offers ya more. Long forgotten are the PC users that got you there. So the game sales are slackin, ya cant sell it for as much, in comes Microsoft, and a deal is struck. Only, instead of paying microsoft for the millions of people already bought the game, they stuff the money in their fat pocket and f#@& a million players that got them where they are today..Well F#@& ya right back.

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