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pvp Turokian Dinosaur Fun Land!!!

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Nature has found a way at Castle anthrax, come frollic through the  green house while ingesting the psychotropic effects of our unicorn's poo.. listen to the roar of our latest mid sized sedan dodo models... Come drown when you fall through the world at respawn!!!

We got Raptors, trikes and bears!! Let's hope the feeding through has meat today!!

See Furious George our swamp man battle wave after wave of coal black dwarf midgets with Slenderman arms!!!

We got dactyls and argys and quetz, keep your mouth shut when you look up!!

Tigers bounding and prancing in glarings heards and clowders!!!

Our day lasts longer then anyone else's, so you can see that Raptors ripping out your spleen!! Here comes the lystro janitor step back, and be glad it wasn't hot chilli day.

Fully etablished base, terms and conditions apply. Soul fortrature due at signing.

Level 100 always. Team work!! Once have established players will buy bigger server. Always on most times. If not wait about 4-8 hours.

Spawn in the north east section of the map, and don't get too close.

Now With 12 person cabailities!


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