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Any way I can back up my save data on xbox one?

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Hi all.

Been playing Ark on PC for awhile now. Last year my nephew got it for his xbox one and got his daddy to damn near force me to buy the game a 2nd time. The 3 of us tend to play on our own offline server just because we don't want to deal with other people who might be out to ruin someone else's fun. We were playing for a good amount then we stopped. After a few months my nephew wants us to play Ark again but we stopped for good reason. One day we would log in and all our lvls were gone. Or our data was gone. From what little I've read on these forums this has been happening since the game came out and to my knowledge hasn't been fixed(Probably never will be).


My main questions.

Is there anyway to back up our save data? or Is there a way to prevent this bull#@$^ from happening? There's not point in getting back into a game if all our progress is going to be lost every time there's an update. I've google this topic but I keep getting topics from 1-2 years ago or no answers at all. I know how to copy my save data on PC cause that's easy but console I'm not too familar with.

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Latest change i noticed is that a previous save is loaded if ark crashed. So on paper the problem with ark loading a empty map could be gone forever. Providing map get zeroed by interrupted save process only.

Still letting the player decide if the progress made is worthwhile a backup would be nice, like after a boss fight and after getting a good blueprint.

With the latest two updates 782 783 the game crashes is less and less but is faraway from the 772 update that was crash free in my opinion.

Good luck and keep using command saveworld to progress in ark.

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